#1337: The Stunad Stare

Stunad, is that you? (Flickr/Ole Husby)

Original Air Date: 09.14.2013

   Best Moment 1:31

This week on Car Talk, Tom in Vermont would like to convince his son that towing a 1978 Land Cruiser cross-country with his girlfriend's small pickup truck is a bad idea. But, Tom's afraid that any words of caution will be thrown to the wind, just because of his "Dad" status. Should he try reverse psychology? Elsewhere, Lisa's hopes of meeting her cute neighbor have been complicated by the embarrassing screeching noise her Civic makes every morning; and Denise would like to find a way to keep her Ford Maverick running without a clothespin stuck in the carburetor. Also, since Leslie gave birth at a Chrysler dealership, should her minivan shopping begin and end there? All this, plus Opening Day for the new Puzzler season, and more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

How did Ray's wife beat him in a game of poker? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share a woman's Insights Into Men.

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#1337: The Stunad Stare

by Mark the mechanic

How do you guys feel about the guy renting a u-haul car trailer with electric brakes. Place the landcrusier on the trailer with the electric brakes working properly and arrive alive.

Favorite Moment: email me and let me know thanks Mark the machanic...

Lisa and the belt

by Willy69101

You guys never heard of the pulleys getting "glazed" or polished from the belt? You did have a valid reason with cold belts being longer. I was taught an old trick when the pulleys get nice and shiny and the belt slips you take a bar of lava soap with pumice, got to have pumice in it, and hold it up against the side of the belt while the engine is running don't forget both sides. The pumice will take the nice shiny polish off the pulley so it will grab the belt and not squeak. Lisa should get her neighbor to help her so she doesn't get hurt.


by mazda4me

you guys got it wrong about amsterdam. Everybody there bikes - that lexus would do him no good at all - he should leave it here. besides its much easier to meet people when you bike!

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