#1333: The Great Conversation Stopper

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Original Air Date: 08.17.2013

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This week on Car Talk, Suzi bought a Porsche 911, partly to help her bond with her male colleagues. Unfortunately, she can't answer any of their questions about the car, and things are getting awkward around the water cooler. Can Tom and Ray give Suzi a quick Porsche 101 seminar, or are they even more clueless than she is? Earlier, our favorite brat, Melissa Peterson returns to remind Tom and Ray she still hates them... but as long as they're all on the phone together, would they mind helping convince her mother that her new scooter is safe? Andy's Infiniti's active suspension has become a bit hyper-active; Larry took his car for an oil change and almost got taken for new axles; and, in a follow-up from last week, Kirsten returns to tell us how the government plans to treat her beloved CRX while she's in Kosovo for two years. All this and more, this week on Car Talk.

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Begorrah! A few personal ads from Irish newspapers.

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Clarissa's bike

by wpkelpfroth

Good for you on the motorcycle, kid. Advice from the vast community of BMW riders: 1) wear all the gear, all the time, and don't skimp on quality. You can get a $39 helmet or a $600 helmet; depends on whether you have a $39 head or a $600 head. 2) obey all traffic rules and presume there will always be some drivers who don't. 3) Maximize your visibility. Your riding togs should be neon-glow pink or yellow.

Favorite Moment: Finding out that Clarissa plans to attend my alma mater, the University of Washington

Ah, Melissa, Melissa :)

by Kuba

It was fun to hear Melissa again (even if she's 26 now, I think). I fully agree that riding a scooter seriously increases one's chances of dying, no matter whether the "community" is alive and well. Good luck telling someone's parents: "well, your daughter is dead, but the community is doing fine, thank you". I fully agree with Tom and Ray.

Favorite Moment: Melissa calling

Stick to Bad Car Advice

by Goofy1

I've listened to you give out bad car advice for a number of years BUT the advice you gave to Melissa about the scooter was totally out of line. You may want to look past your own prejudice and see that the two-wheeled community is alive and well. Your advice to her was not just a short term bad idea but could effect her for a lifetime. A better course of action would have been to encourage her to take a Motorcycle Safety Foundation training course in her area to see the dangers and practicalities of scooter ownership.

Favorite Moment: None this week.

Pat's fuel problem

by ninaleechie

Check the gas tank vent valve. It is probably clogged/broken and not allowing air into the tank when fuel is pumped out, creating a vacuum. You would only see symptoms on long drives and sitting for a few minutes would allow a small amount of air in so you could start the car again. Next time it happens, try getting out and opening your fill cap to see if a lot of air gets sucked in.

Help for Larry with the Acura Integra

by Honey95008

Hi Larry - I live near you in Campbell and have an *honest* mechanic for your Integra if you're interested. He's not even a relative or giving me kickbacks. :)

Favorite Moment: When you said your credit card had a $240 limit.

Faith and Begorra! Personal Ads from Ireland

Heavy drinker, 35, Cork area, seeks gorgeous woman interested in pints, fags, Glasgow Celtic football club and starting scraps on Patrick Street at three in the morning. Any takers? 

The Joys of Teaching

In what year did Karl Marx join the Marx brothers? And just why was Beethoven's music so loud? Wisdom from actual sixth graders, this way. 

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