#1331: The Rhinestone Plymouth

Imagine it glued to a Plymouth. (Flickr/GlitzUK)

Original Air Date: 08.03.2013

   Best Moment 1:36

This week on Car Talk, Savannah wants her car to shine. Literally. Given that it's a Plymouth Sundance, she faces a daunting task! A plethora of rhinestones will make this baby glitter but how does she affix it all without leaving a sparkling trail down the interstate? Also, Car Talk history is made as a caller asks Tom and Ray to settle a marital dispute by doing... nothing! Also, Larry's Lincoln died, and the CIA might be interested in whether he fixes it or not; Maxine learned the old mechanic's adage that a free brake job means never having to say you're sorry; and one diagnosis leads another caller to congratulate Tom and Ray for the finest piece of bamboozling ever. All this and more, this week on Car Talk.

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A milestone is reached at Car Talk Plaza, as Dougie really does go to the last drop.

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Rhinestones on cars

by Doc Zerch

You guys need to check out the Houston Art Car Parade. Rhinestones are commonly used, along with almost every other artifact know to man: http://www.thehoustonartcarparade.com

Chilly choices in Superior

by Fractional_Guy_in_a_Metric_World

Hey, guys, I usually love your brand of sarcastic humor, BUT: The poor lady in Superior, MI needed your help, not a finger in her open wound. An old Fairlane in the Great White North will rot fast and won't start most of the time. (Of course leaving out the obvious additional thought that in Superior it won't STOP on icy roads if you ever do get it started!!!) Probably unlikely her husband will (or even CAN) move to make her happier, so how was she served? How was her marriage served? Not as funny as you thought, maybe.

Favorite Moment: I did like the part where you were considering adhesive choices for the sparkles on a K-Car. Suggest burning it instead!


by abpbbpba

I think that she will lower her gas mileage. The aerodynamics are gone.

Favorite Moment: Gluing sand to replace the Landow Top.

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