#1330: The Exercise Diaries

Tanya, is that you? (Flickr/Narisa)

Original Air Date: 07.27.2013

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This week's Car Talk kicks off with a harrowing tale of one man's journey into Dante's supplemental Circle of Hell: the local health club, where he spends one week at the merciless hands of Tanya the Trainer. Then it's off to Missouri, where Jon is concerned about whether the smell in his Chevy S-10 is coming from the truck-- or his fiancee. Elsewhere, "Mom" and her teenaged son are arguing over whether the best way to cool a car and keep 40 pounds of meat frozen in 90 degree weather is by turning the heat on full blast; and Rita's intermittent air conditioner problem has convinced her mechanic that she's just looking for an excuse to visit. And, on Stump the Chumps we find out if a Volkswagen really was equipped with a "lard-butt indicator" that made the horn blow at random times. All this and lots more,this week on Car Talk.

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The Exercise Diaries, Featuring Tanya the Trainer.

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The Exercise Diary

"Day 3: The only way I can brush my teeth is by laying the tooth brush on the counter and moving my mouth back and forth over it." Read the rest of the journal from a guy who's "still in great shape from when I was on the varsity chess team in high school," right here.

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