#1323: The Lard Butt Indicator

Lard-butt Detected! (Flickr/drewgstephens)

Original Air Date: 06.08.2013

   Best Moment 1:17

This week on Car Talk, why does the horn in John's wife's Golf start blowing when he drives it? John's wife thinks he's setting off the "lard butt indicator" under the driver's seat. Has VW really come up with something so sophisticated? Elsewhere, Wendy has discovered that giving up her beloved Super Beetle has done great harm to her social life. She used to be able to meet guys while working on its (many) problems. But, her new Toyota is both too reliable and too complicated. Also, Sara learns an expensive lesson in why you shouldn't let a Physics Grad student fix your fuel pump--with you and your dog stuck in the car while it's on the lift; and can Jeff safely use Coleman fuel in his Civic next time he gets stranded while camping? All this and more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

What adjustment did Gus Wilson make on one of the fire trucks, enabling it to win the race? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

How long will it take Tom, Ray and Doug each to paint Car Talk Plaza? Find out!

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VW Horn Honking Issue

by dimbulb

The problem with the VW honking: He has a key that is not insulated (no blob of plastic on the key). He has a hardware store copy. It is on a metal key ring and a second uninsulated key slips between the wheel and the steering column, shorting out the horn causing it to honk.

Favorite Moment: When I knew the answer to the VW problem, and Tom and Ray didn't!

Wendy needs to wash (her car)

by rolandl

"Wendy has discovered that giving up her beloved Super Beetle has done great harm to her social life" Have you ever seen the movie 'Cool Hand Luke" ? There's a car wash scene in that movie that she should check out. I know I have, many times!


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