#1310: Ben and the Junkonauts

Trying to break up the band? (Flickr/Tuuur)

Original Air Date: 03.09.2013

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This week on Car Talk, Ben's band is about to embark on a cross-country tour. They can't get a van, so the vehicle of choice is Ben's ancient Volvo 145. Will they make it to any gigs on time, or will they be performing solely for Volvo mechanics across the U.S.? Elsewhere, Rush's Land Rover is now infused with the aroma of rancid butter, after a stick of it melted on his dashboard, and coursed its way through his entire ventilation system. Will he ever be able to get rid of the stink, without the use of a flame thrower? Also, Anwen's fuel pump is making noise, despite her mechanic's insistence that it's fine; physics teacher Mike needs a better answer than "magic" to explain rear view mirrors; and on Stump the Chumps, we find out if Prashanth introduced his new wife to his old Corolla, and if honesty earned him a trip to Divorce Court. All this, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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Science finding: You can laugh your way to health with Car Talk.

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About the mirror

by arydberg

Hay guys. The glass in center rear view mirrors is tapered. All mirrors give two reflections but with faces parallel both images overlap. with a tapered glass it must be moved to see the reflection off the front non silvered edge ( which is much weaker)

Sean Connery

by Unami Queen

When talking to the woman whose parents are from Wales, one of "the guys" asked who - other than Sean Connery - was from Wales. With close ties to Scotland, I have to point out that Sir Sean is Scottish, not Welsh.

Both kinds...

by Mark2

I have been listening to Cah Talk from my home in Northern Ireland for about twenty years and I love it, the week's not complete without a little Click and/or Clack. But oy! Hiow come come these guys talk such rot sometimes? (TommyRot and RayRot both kinds.) It's unfair to say that the old-style Mini is not a safe car. Modern emission regulations aside there's no reason a sensible driver can't be safe in any small car, in any driving environment provided it's well maintained and in good condition. We already have too many 4x4 Monsters on the roads (in every country) engendering false senses of security. if one of these 'crushes you like a bug on the highway' it's because of someone's irresponsible driving. Sorry to preach. It's the

Favorite Moment: Honesty is the Best Policy

What's with the forced laughing?

by Mick L

The hosts seem to know their stuff and have lots of great car knowledge and stories. So why do they feel a need for the constant laughing which seems forced and too often, laughing loudly at things that are not remotely funny. I know laughing is good for your health, but this kind of laughing becomes irritating enough to turn them off before the end of the show. Could be a great show otherwise! Any other similar shows out there?

The Mirror

by kakarot

The description of how the rear view mirror works is incorrect. The right description is, when you flip that little lever, the light from the car behind you is projected into the roof of your car. From that projection, light reflects travels back into the mirror and into your eyes. So light in night mode mirror has been through the mirror twice.

Favorite Moment: Volvo road trip.

No import restriction on cars over 25 years old

by SubGothius

According to NHTSA, "A motor vehicle that is at least 25 years old can be lawfully imported into the U.S. without regard to whether it complies with all applicable FMVSS." However, there may be complications depending on where in the US you want to register the car -- e.g., if you live in California, it probably won't comply with California emissions regulations, and at present only cars from 1976 and earlier are exempt from CA smog checks.

Old car bashers

by Sordenstone

Most often I enjoy Car Talk. That is until you get a question about an older car. Without fail you both will say how unsafe the cars is. A very tired, not funny joking subject. I don't think we care what your opinion is. unless of course there is a question about safety. I own a post 2000 model vehicle by order of my wife. Otherwise my oldest car is a 1953 Bentley, also the biggest. The newest of the old cars is a 1985 Alfa Romeo GTV6. The smallest is a 1969 Cony 360 Wide truck. On the subject of importing vehicles. For the most part only those older than 25 years can be imported. Though I often see the odd ball vehicle that has somehow made it through.

Favorite Moment: Hmmm.

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