#1307: The Giving Trunk

If only every car came with this rebate!

Original Air Date: 02.16.2013

   Best Moment 1:28

This week on Car Talk, James thought he got a good deal when he bought his neighbor's Cadillac--and that's before the cash rebate, in the form of $3,200 hidden in the trunk. Should he hand the money over, or tear the rest of the car apart in search of more? Later, Tom and Ray are vexed by two noises: Scott thinks someone's playing a French horn under the hood of his Explorer, and Jane keeps checking her Civic's trunk for the passenger who's banging on the sides. Also, Barry's lived a car-free life into his 30's, but his relocation to L.A. has him wondering if it's time to give in. But will a car lead him directly to Botox injections? And our deep question of the week: do we really need a Click AND a Clack? And if not, which Magliozzi's moot? All this, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

E I L N P U... What's the meaning of Ray's teacher's cryptic code? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

What is it about Dougie's visit to girlfriend no. 3, that causes a conflagration under the hood of his car? Find out!

Show Open Topic

A listener wonders, "Does the world need both a Click AND a Clack?"

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The giving trunk and wrong advice, of course.....

by Andrei Calciu

As usual, the advice spewed by Click and Clack is wrong. The money found in the trunk qualifies as "treasure trove" and rightfully belongs to the finder. Treasure trove is currency deliberately hidden by someone, long enough ago that the owner passed away. Finder gets to keep the treasure. Even if your State does not recognize treasure trove (as some waco states do not) the currency found belongs to the owner of the property wherein the treasure was found. In this case, the car that is now owned by the finder. In either legal theory the money belongs to the caller.

Favorite Moment: The show's ending, of course, when the grating noises ended......

re: Biking in LA

by wpkelpfroth

I would have suggested to the young bicyclist to switch to a motorcycle. How come you guys never have any questions about motorcycles?

Favorite Moment: what to do with the $3200 found in the car

Maria Theresa

by Brian MC

Don't know if this is where to post it -- but if Maria T. needs car: $10,000, 2008 or 09, seats 5: Toyota SUVs won't cut it. They're too expensive by half or more. Hondas fit the bill for Maria T. at that age. They have boxy cars, like smaller Toyota SUVs. They're not so small that a family can't fit. But they're cheaper. Includes Consumers U. prices: Honda Pilot 2008 $9,450 - $10,075 Honda Element 2006 $9,775 - $12,950 Scion Xb also works 2008 $10,950 The lowest price big Toyota is Sienna, which runs: 2008 $13,600 - $21,725, 2006 $10,950 - $17,275 The Hondas and Scion are reliable.

Lady with a thump coming from the rear of the car

by Two Quart

She has a broken gear tooth floating around in the transmission or rear end. As long is the tooth is floating freely there will be no noise but when it gets sucked into the gears it will cause a clunk. It will eventually destroy the drive train.

Favorite Moment: The beginning

Do I Need a Click AND a Clack?

Why have two MIT-educated Italian mechanics spouting bad advice on NPR when you could have just one?

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