#1303: Dumped, But Un-Towed

Not towed - but WHY? (Flickr/Michael Cory)

Original Air Date: 01.19.2013

   Best Moment 1:32

This week on Car Talk, Steve moved to Chicago for a job and a girlfriend. He lost both. But what's confusing him is why he didn't lose his ride, as well. His Acura was the only car that didn't get towed from a parking lot during a party. Did the parking deities take pity on him? Elsewhere, Chuck decided to cut his air conditioner belt because it was smoking, and now may find himself on the FBI's Most Wanted list; and Heidi may find out why her Check Engine light is blinking, if she can make it through a few Magliozzi detours into Kirchoff's laws, MIT admissions, and the U.S. Army. Also, the final chapter of the Suzy Saga. She made it home to Carlsbad, but did she manage to make it across Mexico in her Vanagon? Did she even make it TO Mexico in her Vanagon? All this and lots more, this week, on Car Talk.

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How do you correctly distribute all the $1 bills? Find out!

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A plea for civility from you jerks!

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