#1245: The Car Talk Economic Stimulus


Original Air Date: 11.10.2012

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This week on Car Talk, how many thousands of dollars can one hour of lousy car advice pump into an ailing economy? Well, when that hour starts with a Saab owner who's going to be transmission shopping, we may be able to match the Gross Domestic Product of Guinea Bissau. Or better. Things take a turn for the bearish, though, when Jacob scores a free do-over on his timing belt replacement-- and when Lee's Lincoln turns out to need a new "Whoop Tube." (How do you figure costs of replacing an imaginary part?) Happily, Laura brings us back on track. She loves her Camry so much, she can't wait to dump it and get something more suited to her growing dog. Elsewhere, Joanne is trying to teach her teenage kids to drive a stick without causing daily whiplash outbreaks; and, on Stump the Chumps, did Tom and Ray help save Mark's socks from being soaked by transmission fluid? All this, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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Can you solve for the population of Babba? Find out!

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Jimmy was born in one state and died in another, without moving. Do you know where? Find out!

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Dave Barry: Women are saner than men, except in one area...

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by NYRegJD

Tom and Ray prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they know absolutely nothing about Saabs...

Shop Till You Drop (in Size)

Women are saner than men, except when it comes to clothing sizes.

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