#1237: Vlad the Impala

Vlad the IMPALA. Get it? (Wikimedia image)

Original Air Date: 09.15.2012

   Best Moment 1:23

This week on Car Talk, listeners weigh in on the great Car Naming debate, including one very persuasive cautionary tale about why you shouldn't name your car after your wife. Then it's off to Wisconsin, where Martha's unnamed Chevy van has developed a nasty habit of acting like it's run out of gas; and to Ohio where Fatymah's beloved Civic, "Little Red," has a big transmission problem. Elsewhere, Kate's family trip turns into a terror-filled ride down Mount St. Helens, all because nobody bothered to read the owner's manual in their rental; Matt's brother talked him into a DIY timing belt replacement on Mother's Day… and it's still not finished. And, could Elizabeth's noisy Volvo get her expelled from college? All this, plus the return of the Puzzler, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

How could Crusty know what was wrong... without even touching the car? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Naming Cars: Car Talk listeners share their suggestions.

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Lil' Red

by hhf12345

Before replacing the transmission, Fatima should try the old method of double-clutching. That's the way they shifted before synchronizers and it works pretty well with worn synchros. Shift into neutral, let the clutch out, push it in and shift into the next gear. Worth a try.

All's good in Arcata?

by jkramer

Elizabeth should consider riding a bike to school. Arcata is not a big town, and I'm sure the environment (and neighbors) would appreciate her taking a break from wasting fuel and creating (noise pollution). I'm surprised a "biology major" hasn't considered the bike (or walking, or skateboarding, or pogo-sticking?) as a solution to her Volvo's issues. Students want to save money too, right?

Favorite Moment: Mt St Helens is indeed a phenomenally beautiful and scary place : )

Unfaithful to the Puzzler?

How one listener finds it impossible to play while the puzzler is away.

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