#1236: Bernoulli This!

Is Bernoulli rolling over in his grave?

Original Air Date: 09.08.2012

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This week on Car Talk, the best defense is--a boooogus scientific explanation? Hey, it's always worked for Tom and Ray! Katie's roommate cited the Bernoulli Effect to explain why he gunned the engine to dislodge her stuck car door. She told him where he could stick his Bernoulli. Will Tom and Ray back her up? Elsewhere, Ray has a perfect diagnosis for Heidi's noisy 4Runner--if he can convince her that a "shugga shugga" is actually a groan, and Frank may need a box of doughnuts to help him fix his Forester's creaky window himself. Also, on Stump the Chumps, we find out if Steve's cross-country bachelor party road trip in a '66 Econoline ended with him taking his vows on a tow truck; and, the most perplexing question of the week: Why on earth would anyone steal the seats out of a 1999 Miata? All this and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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The Wagging Tail Driver Communication System.

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The mystery of the backwards radiator cap.

by CouldntResist

This has been gnawing at me... I even tried to take a nap to forget about it. I believe Linda had her thermostat in backwards. Please accept this answer so That I may be able to sleep at night. P.S. this was 5 years ago.

subaru slowdown

by DanielLee

it sounds to me that the center differential may be sticking, causing the wheels to bind when they turn at different speeds. a fluid change might help. but we don't know if the car is two wheel drive or four. my theory, of course, only works if the number is four.

Bernoulli Segment

by Bronzini

During the discussion of using the Bernoulli principle to free a door stuck on the curb, Tom or Ray mentioned that if it worked (i.e. if you could accelerate to a speed where Bernoulli applied), the car would be pressed down. I disagree. Lower air pres. across top of a car creates lift. This is why race cars have vents, wings, etc. to neutralize the lift that occurs at high speed. If I'm wrong, i apologize for taking your valuable time!!

Favorite Moment: Cross country trip in Econoline.

Betsy: car alarm yes or no

by SueB_Or

I totally disagree with Tom and Ray on this. I had an alarm on my old MR2 and it gave me peace of mind even when I had the top down. It won't keep off experts or someone who really wants it, but it causes would-be thieves to look for easier game first. One caveat: I have mine tuned to alarm on the least sensitive setting so it only will go off when intended, not when say, the cats jump on the hood.

Favorite Moment: I like the mental meanderings that got to the probable answer of the "backward" radiator cap.

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