#1235: A Truck By Any Other Name

Original Air Date: 09.01.2012

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This week on Car Talk, Robert is a "Car Namer." More specifically, he's always given his vehicles female monikers. So imagine his shock when he learned that his truck's previous owner had already named it... Mark! Can Robert change his truck's name (and gender!) without giving it an identity crisis? Then we dig into the Department of Odd Noises. Elisha's Honda is making a sound she describes as "a mouse wearing stilettos, doing a tap dance on a marble floor." And, Maureen's looking for a way to compensate her mechanic who suffered head injuries while working on her car. Can baked goods make him forget about a permanently damaged forehead? All that, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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A few things you don't want to hear before surgery.

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A Truck By Any Other Name

by T-BON

When I was a kid my dad had a green 1949 Dodge Dump Truck (6-ton maybe). He named the "The Green Hornet". When I grew old enough to own vehicles I would name them after discovering their individual idiosyncrasies. My Dodge Polara "The Land Shark", 70 Datsun p/u "The Blue Jay Sparrow", and my current 95 Toyota Tacoma "The Red Rocket". No idea why I do it...the names just happen. ;-)

Going Modern

by SantGiovanna

I agree with the caller that a passenger vehicle is usually female. However, when a colleague insisted that my 2012 Jetta SE was a male--because it has a manual transmission and a stick--I had to adapt to this line of reasoning. And thus, we welcomed "Kingsbury" into the family.

Favorite Moment: Your suggestion to take baked goods to the injured mechanic. Giving home baked items can heal most wounds, and are great any time you want to show appreciation!

No creativity

by the Zambos

As in mine. Three of my five cars have been GTIs, all black with black interior. Not only that, but all three have had the same name: Pepe. Named loosely after the truck in "Romancing the Stone," each Pepe has been fast enough to get me out of any jam and functional enough to cram a huge load of junk in it. Each one, the '82, the '02 and the current '10 have all been well loved, and the name may well have helped. So, I thinking that I might just have to come up with a little creativity for a new name when the fourth one comes around.

(some) cars have soul

by jinglebuddy

You said cars have no soul. Sorry mates, you guys should know, some machines, cars included, but not all, have a soul. You can't deny it whether you name a car or not. All old Alfa Romeos have a soul, no Toyota Camry has it, some (today's) VWs have a character and a personality, and a new Fiat 500, as silly as it is, has a soul. And you know it.

Favorite Moment: Csssedu part

Name That Car!

by tetraktys

I disagree with your comment that it is foolish to name mechanical things. Isn't it true that ALL things, whether organic or inorganic, consist of electrons, protons and neutrons? According to quantum mechanics we are an energy world living in a universe of energy worlds - a type of emptiness, or hologram. We can call it light in its various frequency manifestations or perhaps consciousness, which is all there is. After 33 years of marriage my husband suggested I should at least once having the experience of choosing and buying a new car. I named my new Subaru Imprezza, GIMEL. GIMEL is the 3rd Hebrew letter, which means "camel." As it gets great gas mileage it seemed appropriate. Camels can survive in the desert on very little water, and GIMEL can endure Florida heat and humidity on very little gas. Gimel is also the number of the Tarot card called "High Priestess," and the water from her (the Subconscious Mind) flows through all. But that's another story!

A Truck by Any Other Name

by Grangie of 4

I am amazed that you guys are amazed at naming cars. We have always named ours. Male or female, whatever seems right. However, the caller need not worry. My best friend is a woman named Marque; a student at my all girls' school is Mark; I even know a woman called Markey. So no worries. The truck was probably a girl all along!

Favorite Moment: It's a joy every Saturday. It's so nice to laugh a lot!

no names, just nicknames

by hidrotule2001

I haven't had real names for any of my vehicles, but most have had nicknames. The Leprechaun was my first car (a green on green 94 Taurus), and my 2011 Fiesta (which was lime green) was 'the jellybean.'

What is my car's name?

by Terry L

I loved this week's show, but then I love EVERY week's show, and I have already begun mourning your impending retirement! You asked what people name their cars - I didn't name my car, but because my GPS LIVES in the car and has a female voice, we named her CARLY - Get it? CARly lives in the CAR!

Favorite Moment: All of them!

Two of my car names

by Jammer

Loved it! My '73 Volkswagen pop up camper was named Schnecke which is snail in German because she carried our house on her back and was kinda slow. Our 1995 white Ford Aerostar was named Van O'White. Both were girls.

naming our vehicles

by Dean-o

We have named our car and truck and we believe personalizing the vehicles helps us to take better care of them My Ford pick-up is "Ole Fred" and my wife's Chevy Traverse is "Tifany".

Silence That Surgeon!

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