#1207: Washer Fluid Dynamics

Consequences of a weak rear washer!

Original Air Date: 02.18.2012

   Best Moment 1:29

This week on Car Talk, cleanliness is next to impossible for Andrew, due to his Subaru's weak rear windshield washer spray. Unfortunately for Andrew, the only thing less productive than the spray may be Tom and Ray's explanation of the cause. Elsewhere, Kate discovered a long gray hair sticking out of her Civic, and is worried she may have a UFO-- that's an Unidentified Furry Object-- living in her exhaust; Joyce is wondering why her mellow, meditation-teaching husband turns into a mix of Mario Andretti and Tony Soprano when he gets behind the wheel; and 14-year-old Matthew is about to learn a valuable Magliozzi lesson about the benefits of doing a lousy job cleaning his parents' car. All this, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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Tom and Ray share more jokes about marriage.

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Another Good Show

by jwsmiths

Long time listener, wanted to chime in specifically about Andrew's plight in Savannah. His spots are due to air polltion and hard water in Savannah. My wife and I lived there for several years and our cards developed them despite my best efforts too.

Washer fluid dymanics

by oldfart

Placing a clamp on the hose will increase preasure at the clamp but not at the nozzle, creating an orface. Thanks for the memories of my 1958 Ford convertible. Foot activated pump for washer, hitting people in back seat with top down. Almost as much fun as alternating flicking out cig butts and M-80's and watching your friend following you....

Sure let's kill a kid's good work ethic for a kid

by Fra

The answer to Andrew was the worst I've ever heard. A teen caring about and wanting to do a good job should get hallelujahs!! What did he get? Made to feel like a jerk of and told never do a good job so no one will ask you to help again. Think that's funny? Try getting decent service anywhere in the US today. This was a kid. He didn't need your snide cynicism, he needed good advise. Sure it's a humor show but I'm not laughing this time. You guys blew it.

Andrew needed chemistry

by mcdonae

Andrew, you have spots on the windshield because of minerals in your water. Baking soda will soften your wash water. Vinegar will dissolve the minerals. Using newspaper with vinegar water works great on glass.

Favorite Moment: Funny as usual but wife jokes and bad behavior advice today lowered the rating a bit.


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"Why do men die before their wives? They want to." Tom and Ray share a few sayings about marriage.

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