#1204: It's Snowing in My Car

The case of the snowy Pathfinder.

Original Air Date: 01.28.2012

   Best Moment 1:30

This week on Car Talk, Steve's cross-country road trip got a little more exciting when high winds began blowing open the driver's door on his Pathfinder. He's wondering if this is just a design quirk to make the car feel more outdoors-y, or if there's an actual problem--and can said problem be fixed with anything other than duct tape or rope? Elsewhere, Patricia loves her Rambler-- except for the calling card of black soot it leaves in every parking space; Jamie's suffering an epidemic of escaping spark plugs; and, after a "low smoke" at-home alternator replacement, Helen's oil light is flashing a little too much for comfort. All this, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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Can you figure out the average salary at the Coney Island Crabcake Company? Find out!

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How listening to pop music might be a sign of dementia.

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Source for left-hand threaded nuts

by cmaterick

I used to work for McMaster-Carr Supply Company. They carry thousands of nuts... http://www.mcmaster.com/#left-hand-threaded-hex-nuts/=g37k9r

Frontotemporal degeneration

by SE

PS www.theaftd.org

Frontotemporal degeneration

by SE

So excited that you mentioned FTD! We are trying to get the word out, to help people get a diagnosis sooner. Imagine losing your judgment and no one knows you are ill for years!! Check out www.aftd.org for MANY stories.

Favorite Moment: PS I love your wit and laughter!

what about changing the transmission fluid and filter?

by Transamtim

On the Cavalier that wouldn't go frontwards when cold, but worked fine when warm, why not suggest changing the transmission fluid and filter? It may not be a permanent fix, but less pressure drop across the filter might restore reasonable function.

Favorite Moment: The Grand Prix wipers, why not just hit the pulse position on the stalk when a wipe is needed?

For the want of a nut, the fan was lost

by LarryE

I think the JB Weld is a good idea. Having a machine-shop make a nut is good. Or, how about having them drill a hole through the bolt that the nut goes on; then you can put a cotter pin through there. (And if you find a nut later, it should still screw on.)

B's 1991 Cavalier

by bigwhit

I had real good luck with tranny additives like "SeaFoam Trans Tune" With time, the tranny fluid gets oxidized making the little check valve balls in the tranny valve body stick. Do a tranny flush, adding the can of Trans Tune. Do it again about 5,000 miles. I'll bet it will free up the balls nicely.

It's snowing

by handyandy

Joddy from North Dakota should go to www.mcmaster.com They have EVERYTHING!!

Pop Music and Dementia

Like pop music all of a sudden? You might be suffering from dementia!

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