#1202: Mud Chiggers in the Fuel Line

Mud Chigger in the Fuel Line!

Original Air Date: 01.14.2012

   Best Moment 1:27

This week on Car Talk, life in the Big Easy is proving to be anything but that for Betsy and her truck. Since relocating to New Orleans, her Toyota has taken to spewing gas all over the place. Her mechanic's first guess? Mud chiggers in the fuel line! Entomology also comes into play later on, as Ray uses an ant colony to help explain why Nancy's Nissan won't start in cold weather unless she turns the heater on first. Also, Rob has to replace a Camry door that won't open; Susanne's DIY thermostat repair created a host of other problems, without fixing the one she was trying to address; and Daniel and his wife are struggling over the question, "Whose arm rest is this?" All this, plus the truth about wood-chip fired engines, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

How did Bobo's boss know which state was going to be Bobo's last to visit? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

Why did the electronic gear keep failing in space? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share a few handy metric conversions.

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Mud Chiggers

by DGR008

I think "mud chiggers" refers to mud dauber wasps which build mud structures in small pipes like ventures in gas grills and can disrupt the flow.

Favorite Moment: Like the whole show with the exception of the puzzler which is always slanted towards math geeks.

you have to be kidding me!

by craftersguild

You spent (wasted) so much time perplexed over the leaking gas on behalf of the junior legal intern in N'Ahlins, you COULD HAVE (should have) spent at least a couple of those seconds letting Drusinao tell us the history of his name!

Favorite Moment: metric to Imperial/US measurements


by Sadsaque

Natives pronounce New Orleans with 4 syllables. New-Or-lee-ins. The 2-syllable version is a Yankee, or possibly Georgian, concoction.

Favorite Moment: "Welcome to Car Talk"

Cold Start Pathfinder

by maggiesmate

Nancy's problem is not with her positive battery cable, and the ant analogy is close to spot on. The Nissan has a grounding issue that is affected during extreme cold weather due to contraction. By turning on the heater and having the ignition turned on, a ground path is provided to the starter relay allowing the proper bias for positive to be passed to the starter. Similar to the ant analogy, the heater switch is 'bridging' a ground to the starting circuitry. Check the ground wires. The heater switch applies a ground, not +12 volts.

Favorite Moment: The credits for the crew.

Is that a chigger in your gas line...or are you just happy to see me?

by Square Wheels

Hold on! Don't drop the tank. She found the problem, but didn't know it. The vented gas cap...ISN'T a vented cap anymore. That's where the chiggers are. Replace the cap and happy motoring!

Favorite Moment: As always...when I hear," Well, you've just squandered another perfectly good hour..."


A Few Handy Metric Conversions

2 wharves = 1 paradox, and other handy metric conversions.

Does Car Talk Affect Mental Acuity?

Does Car Talk affect mental acuity? Well...

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