#1150: Blinker Transgressions

Blinker Transgressions!

Original Air Date: 12.10.2011

   Best Moment 1:22

This week on Car Talk, Molly's boyfriend gets irate when other drivers fail to use their turn signals. But when Molly caught him committing his own blinker transgression, said boyfriend had a ready explanation, that may send the bogosity meter way into the red. Elsewhere, Terry in New Mexico has a long history of breaking in new cars and wives, both of which are being tested by his new Rav 4; Peter in Brooklyn's good deed went bad, after several gallons of post-Thanksgiving turkey oil spilled in the back of his Passat; and Jill in Wyoming is wondering why the local horses find her Jeep's hood so tasty. All this, plus a new Puzzler from the Road Trip series, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

What flummoxing state has four letters? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

Why was the traveling salesman always assigned a second-floor hotel room? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Ready for some automotive karma? Here's what happens when you try to turn back your odometer.

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Peter and the Turkey oil

by davecal

Peter should try K4 spot remover. I use it on my model airplanes to remove fuel from fuel soaked balsa. It spays on wet, dries sucking up the fuel and then I brush it off. Works great.

Taking Jeep "Liberties"!

by MustangSally77

Do they SALT the roads where she lives, Perchance? Road-dust can put minerals on the paint-job too. Horses will seek out salt and minerals where they can find it. Also, when horses are extremely bored, under-exercised, and/or hungry, they can start to "nosh" on non-food items within their reach. Definitely she needs to park outside the fence! (P.S. parking "outside the cattle-guard" as Jill called it, may not work, as horses do not have the vision-problem that cattle have which makes cattle-guards work...on cattle! A mineral-deprived, and determined, horse could decide to jump over the cattle-guard easily!)

Favorite Moment: Man, there are too many "moments" to pick a favorite! I find your jocund, MIT-enhanced, repartee often makes micturition importunate! Thanks for all the helpful tips, and the healthful laughs! Keep 'em coming, guys!

Horses biting on the car.

by Nick17

The horses biting the car has nothing to do with the paint. Horses perform a behavior called "cribbing." The horse will bite a stable object, then inhale. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cribbing_(horse)

Favorite Moment: Horses biting the car.

Why Do Horses Eat Cars?

by Lorelei

Salt. I hope this is succinct enough.

Cheap tires on new cars.

by Phil

As a retired tire dealer, I get upset when people talk about the cheapest on new cars. These are the highest quality made for that application. When people replace their tires at least 70% replace with an inferior product. Other than that I love the show and their knowledge of cars.

Favorite Moment: Deer eating on the hood.


A Case of Automotive Karma

What happens when a listener's friend decides to roll back his odometer? Well...

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