#1135: Marc Vs Goober

Original Air Date: 08.27.2011

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This week on Car Talk, Marc in New Hampshire learns what catastrophes await when you, A) buy a 100 dollar Peugeot, and B) pay a mechanic in advance. Can Tom and Ray help him get his car back? Or, can they at least stop laughing at him? Meanwhile, chemistry class is in session for John in Ohio, and today's lesson involves his van's radiator, and a certain co-host's dubious "hungry water theory". Elsewhere, Julia is worried that her Dad's obsession with putting a new engine in his Suburban may be causing marital strife; Carla's Accord is making a screech that's scaring her entire neighborhood; and Ariel wants to know how to prepare herself for her first trip to a new car dealer--maybe start with a suit of armor? All this, plus proof that Car Talk can aid physical fitness, and lots more,this week on Car Talk.

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How Car Talk can help your physical fitness!

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2003 Honda Accord LX engine oil disappears

by skhankhi

There is a major issue with 2003 Honda Accord LX model engine oil disappears from the engine after every 500 to 1000 miles. Owner/driver needs to add a qt or two all the time. There are several comments and blogs about it by the owners and Honda USA isn't responding to the issue. Oil problems is creating some major engine faults and costing $3000 to 4000. My Honda has 103000 miles on it, I change my oil and everything right on time but this is the most annoying and costly problem needs to be discussed and rectified by the manufacturer. Link below would also support my point of view; http://www.carcomplaints.com/Honda/Accord/2003/engine/ Kindly discuss this matter in the show so Honda would listen. And please guide me also what i need to do to bring this issue to open public and authorities to make Honda to fix this issue that we simple Americans are facing. Many thanks in anticipation Shawn

Favorite Moment: Sunset at the beach

Car Talk Promotes Physical Fitness

In a medieval-torture kind of way.

Proper Brownie-to-Mechanic Ratio

The fruits of years of research, revealed at last!

The World's 19 Shortest Books

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