#1128: Double-Dog Daylight Savings

Original Air Date: 07.09.2011

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This week on Car Talk, Ray's quest for more "usable" sunshine leads him to a proposal both brilliant and wacko: Double-Dog Daylight Savings, probably not coming to a time zone near you. Then, Davis' squeaky Durango sparks another novel idea: if you don't know where a squeak is coming from, just dip the whole car in silicone spray. Elsewhere, Sarah's got an exploding rear windshield, Ben can't shift his Accord into Park, and Natalie's trying to convince her husband that spending lunch hour in his car listening to sports talk radio is a bad idea. Finally, Chris is looking for a suitable prank to get back at the guys who left a dead fish in his truck. Fortunately for Chris, our hosts might just have a few ideas. All this and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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Ray's proposal: Double Dog Daylight Savings Time

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Chris' Revenge for Fish Smell

by Anonymous

When y'all were talking about how to get revenge on Chris's 'pals' for their little prank, another difficult to locate source of odor would be shrimp tails dropped down in to the doors...this comes from a joke about a disgruntled exwife who had a last dinner in her home before ex came back with new wife...she had wine, shrimp and a lovely time alone remembering. Then she cleaned up putting the shrimp shells in the curtain rods...to say the least, no amount of paint, new curtains, furniture got rid of the smell....they ended up moving....great thinking on ex-wife's part!!

Favorite Moment: Just hearing you guys laugh is a real day brightener!! THanks for making us love Saturday mornings!!

Daylight Savings Time

by Anonymous

Your idea about double dog Day Light Savings reminds me of the following (original) gibberish I wrote several years ago: A Simultaneous Ode to Stupidity and Insanity (doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results) Peter E. Black Standard Time's okay, I guess, And so is Daylight Savings; But changing over twice a year Is bound to make a mess. ‘Tis like the tall man, cold of toe Whose blanket is too short; He cuts six inches off the top And sews it on below! I would be quite content, a boon, To stop these frequent savings, But all in all, I’d just as soon Remain with Daylight Savings

Favorite Moment: Your show is great, and has been ever since I started listening to it about ten(?) years ago. Keep it up, and Thanks! Peter E. Black, Syracuse, NY

Double-Dog Daylight Savings is a horrible idea

by guntherk

As a morning person from the far western edge of your time zone, I think your Double-Dog Daylight Savings suggestion is a horrible idea. It's already depressingly dark in the morning. If we followed your plan, we'd be admiring the sunrise during lunch. Usually I think you have clever ideas - not this one.

Double Dog Daylight Savings

by sydbfrancis

Dear Tom and Ray, I love you guys. I tune in every week and enjoy my Saturday mornings, while I am listening to your show. But please STOP bringing up "Double-dog" Daylight Savings. I have always disliked, even hated, Daylight Savings. I currently live in Arizona and enjoy that I don't have to deal with the time change and the whole daylight savings mess. I think your idea about Double-dog daylight savings is awful. And I know I have heard this over the years on your show. Please stop.

Favorite Moment: I enjoyed the information about the astrological signs, accidents and car insurance coverage.

Good Show, But...


My wife and I enjoyed the entire show as usual. It created the usual number of chuckles, but your double-dog daylight savings plan would be really wacky here in Ontonagon County, MI. The 90th degree of longitude runs right through our county, so we are in the middle of the central time zone. However, being in Michigan we are in the Eastern Time Zone and when we are on Daylight Time, high noon is already at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. With your plan the sun would be at its highest point in the sky at 3 PM! And the sun would not set until 11 PM; we would not be able to see stars and northern lights until after midnight.

Favorite Moment: We chuckled the most at the episode about the husband who ate lunch in the car every day because my wife used to do the same thing except she would take a nap after lunch too.

double dog DST

by msj0408

you live on the eastern shore...we live on the western edge of the same time zone...BUT we are just north (several hundred miles) of Chicago...So you need to move here as the sun doesn't set until 11:00ish all summer...

Natalie's wasteful husband

by keithemill

I was APPALLED when I heard you give Natalie's husband the OK to continue idling his car during his lunch hour so that he could eat and listen to sports radio in peace. If he lived in NJ, that would be patently ILLEGAL, where the maximum idling time allowed for any vehicle is 3 minutes. In NC, where Natalie lives, they currently have an anti-idling law only for trucks, but the NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources (NCDENR) strongly encourages drivers of passenger cars to limit their idling as well (http://www.ncair.org/motor/idle/), saying that "Excessive and unnecessary vehicle idling is a serious, avoidable contributor to air pollution and poor human health." (http://www.ncair.org/motor/idle/idle_campaign.shtml) Furthermore, to counter your statement that while idling the car does emit "some" pollutants, it does not cause any damage to the car's engine, the NCDENR posts the following FAQ (http://www.ncair.org/motor/idle/idle_FAQs.shtml): "Can idling damage my car's engine? "Yes. Because the engine isn't working at its peak operating temperature when it's idling, the fuel doesn't undergo complete combustion. This leaves fuel residues that can contaminate engine oil and damage engine parts. For example, fuel residues tend to deposit on spark plugs. As the amount of engine idling increases, the plugs' average temperature drops, and they get dirty more quickly. This, in turn, can increase fuel consumption by four to five percent. It's a vicious circle of wasted fuel and needless greenhouse gas emissions. Excessive idling can also let water condense in the vehicle's exhaust. This can lead to corrosion and reduce the life of the exhaust system."

Daylight Savings, Schmayligjt Savings

by mojo

When I heard your "DDDST" idea, I wondered if you guys had ever thought of running for Congress. This idea falls into the "willy nilly stream of consciousness yapping" that, unless nipped in the bud, ends up as public policy. My company bought "the latest" in telephone equipment and software several years ago, BEFORE THE GOVERNMENT "BRILLIANTLY" EXPANDED THE TIME FRAME FOR DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME. So of course, someone (me) at the company is inconvenienced four times a year by having to come in on Sunday to resent the clocks on our phones! I live for the moments when an employee calls me to report that their phone is displaying the time incorrectly (I always silently say to them, "What are you doing looking at the clock, you moron? You'll figure out that it's time to go when you see the mad rush to the door." So what would two more Sunday mornings spent at work mean to me? FOUR MORE HOURS THAT I WILL NEVER GET BACK, THAT'S WHAT! All thanks to Tom and Ray. Oh I see by the clock on my phone that it's lunchtime, gotta go. Seriously, I love your show - always good on Saturday a.m.

Favorite Moment: I loved the brainless woman who wanted to buy her 16 year old son a fast sports car. I got a Corvair and it was good enough for me.

I am for DDDST

by bigredinmass

I think DDDST is a great idea, at least for the east coast. This time of year it gets light before 5AM!! I had to buy room darkening shades just so I can sleep longer on weekends. Moving it an hour ahead would move Daylight to around 5:30 - 6AM in the peak of summer and then give us sunset around 9 - 9:30PM. That is how it was when I lived in Seattle. Maybe this wouldn't work for the western edges of the time zones - but would love for new England to consider it or just move us to the Atlantic Time Zone.

Double-daylight savings time

by sharon h

In order to get this, all you need to do is move to Indiana. For many years, we didn't observe daylight savings time, because one year, we just didn't go back to standard time. A few years ago, our governor decreed that we would observe daylight savings time. Most people were OK with this, if we went back to being in the Central time zone. Nope, we stayed on Eastern Time and added another hour of daylight to a day. Yesterday, I got home about 9:15 and the sun could still be seen through the branches of the trees to the west. Legally, I didn't need my headlights on, because the sun hadn't set yet. Move to Indianapolis! You can have all the sports anyone could crave and have something to cheer for year round, including daylight until 10 pm in June.

Study links astrological signs with driving habits

Is an accident really your fault if it's 'written in the stars'?

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