#1126: The Engine and Wallet Massage

Original Air Date: 06.25.2011

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This week on Car Talk, Ryan went for an oil change, and got talked into an "engine shampoo" (no creme rinse, please)! Now, he's become a walking punchline among his friends, and he's wondering if his engine isn't the only thing that got taken to the cleaners. Elsewhere, Marina loves her Jeep, but after 250,000 miles, is it finally time to deep six it in Lake Erie? Alicia needs help fixing her Saab without having to go on a second date with her mechanic; and did the Car Talk podcast really help save a marriage? All this, and lots more, on this week's cleansing hour of Car Talk.

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Show Review - 1657

by Anonymous

gas pump

by spomer

Great entertainment except the bit about the gas/temperature. I think almost all modern gas pumps are temperature compensated to deliver the same mass of gas regardless of the temperature.

Favorite Moment: The woman/mechanic/date segment

Show Review - 1659

by Anonymous

I love this lousy show!!

by jhante

This is my favorite show to listen to on the radio in my ancient Dodge Caravan while shuttling around my obnoxious teenager.

Favorite Moment: I love the puzzler and the credits at the end of the show! Of course every phone call is hilarious and very frequently informative also :)

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