#1124: The Chicken Mahal

Original Air Date: 06.11.2011

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This week on Car Talk, Jackson has built a McMansion for his wife's chickens, and now he needs to transport it across Vermont. His plan involves a Toyota Tacoma, a snowmobile trailer-- and one ginormous coop of unknown poundage. Are his fears of a catastrophic collapse justified? Will the chickens have to get out and push? Elsewhere, Chantel in California has decided to come clean about an incident that may have croaked Dad's Volvo a decade back. Can Tom and Ray can keep her in Dad's will? Also, a Prius turns into a gas geyser, a VW owner learns about the high cost of driving through a deep puddle, and, is Tommy's addition to the Miata universe enough to strip it of "chick car" status? All this, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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Last Week's Puzzler

What car part is currently made of a mixture of steel wool, iron and bronze? See if you got the answer! Find out!

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Tom and Ray share some Shakespearean car reviews-- and ask for yours.

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Show Review - 1647

by Anonymous

Insurance Fraud?

by arncar

Have I got it Right? When the VW guy who ran through the water asks what is this going to cost, the Bros say, Tell your insurer you ran into a tree? He says, I only have Liability. They say "Stupid!" Please confirm that I got this right: Moe and Joe are recommending insurance fraud?

Show Review - 1654

by Anonymous

Shakespearean Car Reviews

To speed or not to speed... was that the question?

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