#1122: Book This, Dad!

Original Air Date: 05.28.2011

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This week on Car Talk, how do you handle a slightly anal retentive dad who insists on keeping verrrry thorough car records? If you're Rebecca, you tell Dad what you really think, and then call on Click and Clack to try to broker peace. Meanwhile, Ben's got a guilty conscience over his power steering stunt that came to a smoky conclusion; Mary Beth is stumped over how to fix a broken hood latch when you can't get the hood open; and Dale is wondering how mice stuffed his entire exhaust with corn. All this, plus a quasi-automotive Puzzler with a literary heritage, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

Are you ready for "The Bridge of Tom and Ray"? Find out how to make it across a bridge when your truck's weight is just a little too much. Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

When Tom left home, he noticed the odometer reading on his car was a palindrome. When he got to work, it displayed a different palindrome. How far did he drive? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share the new "Car Talk listener rebate program."

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stop bagging on fathers, please

by homebuilding

While you reported only on your conclusions that this "gas mileage" dad was grossly inadequate and inappropriate, in every way, you completely left out ALL positives of logging maintenance items. It's a good idea to log cam drive "due" numbers as well as oil, tire and brake maintenance. If you know that someone is getting 25% lower mileage than is possible, it might be time to find out why--driving 80 mph against the wind? Simple hotrodding which will shorten clutch and brake life? etc.... Fleet vehicles that motor safely and reliably along for hundreds of thousands of miles have all maintenance logged in detail--and shop staff know just which driver and vehicle uses the most or least fuel. Scrupulous maintenance might prevent the next oil war, too !

Favorite Moment: My most unfavorite moment: Yet another in a long list of blaming men for the problems of the world. Hey, the feminists don't need any more help on this, eh?


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