#1120: Tommy vs. The Muir Woods

Original Air Date: 05.14.2011

   Best Moment 5:13

This week on Car Talk: You can lead a Magliozzi to nature, but you can't make him stop looking for a cappuccino stand, as Tom and Ray offer vastly differing recollections of their foray to the Muir Woods. Happily, they'll carve out a few seconds to tell Colleen why her truck is melting air filters. Meanwhile, Dan in Oregon may soon find his faith tested by his Civic's coolant "anomaly"; John in Michigan treats his Escort to a clutch and is rewarded with a new noise; and Jennifer in Seattle needs an exit strategy from hanging with her husband's new BFFs--the Miata Owners Club. All this, plus a mathematical Puzzler in limerick form, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

Ray shares a few clues about a mathematical limerick-- and then asks if you can figure out the first four lines. Thinking caps on! Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

With an outstretched hand, Jim estimated the windshield wiper length to be 18 inches. But it was one inch too short. He tried the 19-inchers. They were an inch too long. Which blades did he buy? See if you had the right answer!

Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share an "all-purpose" commencement address.

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Show Review - 1616

by camachjb

Missed simple fix! d'oh!

by AreThree

Dan from Portland with the coolant that is vanishing every week. He replaces the coolant and it keeps going away. Some of your suggestions were OK, but the most typical problem (if it isn't a hose leak) is the radiator cap! You should have had him replace the radiator cap and I bet that would have solved his problem! Sorry guys - I love your show - but you blew this call!

Favorite Moment: Oh - heck - I love all your show

Show Review - 1618

by Smaurer



by Anonymous

Are you 2 fighting? Detected some underlying hostility! Listen you 2 knuckleheads alot of people, maybe me, look up to you guys as knowledgeable and hilarious. My brother, a 30 yr heavy equipment operator is amazed you guys are so good. Favorite moment, Tommys wife throwing the empty candy wrapper in the back seat preference by the saysing, "Power to the people" or maybe Wayne connecting the 2 wires to turn on the light in your apt painting story! Please kiss and make up, us listeners know!

Gets me through long drives

by gregcrews

I moved to Guymon, Oklahoma about 6 months ago and don't get to hear much NPR anymore (it's only on during morning and afternoon rush hour, the rest of the time it is classical music). So, feeling deprived of my favorite news outlet (don't tell that to the newspaper I work for) as well as ESPN radio, I finally invested in an iPOD and now listen to several NPR shows via Podcast. By far my favorite it Car Talk, however, I try to hold off listening to them. Though it is always tempting to hit "play" when I see a new one on my iPOD, I do my best to hold off and wait to listen to it until I have a long car trip. About a week ago I had to go to Oklahoma City to cover the state high school golf tournament. It is about a 4-5 hour drive each way, but luckily I had saved five episodes of Car Talk on my iPod. The drive went by like a breeze and I never got drowzy listening and laughing to Click and Clack. Keep up the good work fellas!

great service!

by Anonymous

very polite well spoken mechanic gave me several options for saving money on my repairs by giving me a list of what needed to be done by severity glad to have used grease monkies!

Test Mayer Review

by alisonbt

test Doug Mayer review

Favorite Moment: When Ray snorted. Test

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