#1117: Bird Doo Due Diligence

Original Air Date: 04.23.2011

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This week on Car Talk, Lisa's husband's found a sure-fire way to curb her enthusiasm for a new Prius: he told her she has to clean the bird poop off it every 24 hours, lest it do permanent damage. Is he full of wisdom, or . . .? Meanwhile, Dale's spark plug wires are trying to escape; Cliff's key refuses to exit the ignition; and will Hope sell her car before she runs out of brain cells from that cracked exhaust manifold? Also, when Amy's Skylark is a-rockin', feel free to come a-knockin'--especially if you know how to fix a broken dog-bone. All this, plus a Puzzler from the Coins series, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

Can you find the bogus coins in the seven stacks? Check out our new puzzler and give it a go!

Last Week's Puzzler

A rope, two telephone poles... and some confounding math. Were you able to figure out the distance between the two poles? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share some useful English system conversions that are a little... different.

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Show Review - 1594

by Anonymous

LOve bugs is your main problem they will destroy your paint job.

Show Review - 1595

by msdafterdar

born in usa

by sonny

we have enough problems in this country .You guys promote japan junk cars to us.Telling Alexis to slip a brochure of a honda odysishit under repair estimate is a slap to your intelligence.If your son has a vision problem are you going to put him up for adoption and go out and adopt a child from japan because he/she has 20/20 vision at the moment.Your job is to help people who can't afford new cars by repair them. Not promote our country's deficit by telling them to buy japan Crap.My 1992 Plymouth van has 346,273 miles on it. Stick that in your honda tailpipe and smoke it.

an idea

by cmpahira

I think the only way you could make your shows any better would be to ad cameras in your studio so we could see you guys. I love listening to you each week. My husband and I drive tractor trailer cross country each week and he puts your show on my iPod and I can't wait to hear it. Please consider the cameras. It would be a great addition. You guys are great. Thanks for making night shift on the road a joy. ;) Crystal.

Favorite Moment: Every show

perfect location

by sonny

I put a toyota emblem under the bird feeder. a perfect place for do do dropings.

Unconventional English Measurements

Six of pun, half dozen of another.

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