#1110: Another Dodge Dart!

Original Air Date: 03.05.2011

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This week on Car Talk, Rich in Oregon is heading out on an extended road trip in his '64 Dodge Dart, and wants to know what spare parts he should have on hand, if-- or should we say "when"-- it breaks down. Aside from the obvious (see title), do Tom and Ray have any other helpful suggestions? Meanwhile, Rachel and her son are playing a game of "Who farted?" thanks to the noxious smell emanating from her Saab, and Caitlin's having a little trouble keeping her Jeep in one place. Also, Ellen in California provides a case study in why you should drive now, and jelly your bagel later. All this, plus the great male/female heated seats debate, and lots more, this week, on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

It's got seven letters, and all five vowels: what did Bill and his friend see on their respective vacations, anyway? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

Just how did Helmut know the students were coming in to fix a tire?

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Tom and Ray share a story with a unique perspective on aging.

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Girls being able to drive a stick.

by Anonymous

I love your show, and I have the perfect solution to the mom whose daughter wants to learn to drive a stick. Go rent a standard from a rental agency and buy the extra insurance and teach both girls together. (If she doesn't want the hassle of teaching an uncle or trusted machanic could do it.) Reasons why girls should be able to drive a stick: 1. Some guy who can't drive gets his truck stuck in a ditch and it needs to be moved so you and your grandmother can get around him. 2. Guys think it's hot. 3. You get to pull your uncle's boat. 4. When you need to borrow a vechile half the time the only one availiable is a standard. PS My boy friend's dad taking pity on his son and wanting to keep the best girl friend he ever got taught me to drive a standard. : )

Favorite Moment: Every moment!

Dodge Darts

by tritimmy

As a former 1969 Dodge Dart owner, three on the tree, straight six, AM radio, the only option being an electrical window washer pump, I related well to the guy on a road trip. I took that beast where Jeeps feared to tread. One time, repairing the transmission linkage with duct tape and a bobbypin from a (former) girlfriend. Later, I replaced the transmission with a thirty dollar 'trany from a junk yard, two friends, and a case of beer. Stupidly, I sold the Dart to get an MGB convertible, thinking the MGB would get girls. 'shoulda kept the Dart.

Favorite Moment: Dodge Dart story

A Golden Opportunity...missed!

by sueterdan

This is for your 1109 show - sorry - did not know how to get to it. Just wanted to respond to the person who called about the strong wind blowing their car door into the side of another (apparently very expensive)car. They asked if they should have left thier contact information. The right and ethical answer, hands down, is "yes." It was hard for me to believe all of the discussion and the conclusion was otherwise. I love your show, and I have to say, that is the first time I responded right outloud when the conclusion was NOT to leave his contact information. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." It is called the "Golden Rule" for a reason and too many people today pay no attention to it.

Favorite Moment: By the way, I know I spelled 'their' wrong, but unless I was willing to delete all I had written - I could not fix that error. Thanks for the opportunity to respond.

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