#1109: The Yugo in the Living Room

Original Air Date: 02.26.2011

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This week on Car Talk, another voice rises in defense of the much-maligned Yugo, with a novel argument that's hard to counter: How many other cars could you protect by garaging in your living room? Then it's off to Rochester, where Jeannie is getting a very sweet and very expensive smell of maple syrup in her Lexus, and to Maryland, where Kristopher's girlfriend refuses to turn on the heat in her Golf, thanks to some misguided advice from dear old Dad. Also, an innocently dinged door raises a question of parking ethics for Eric in Minnesota, and, on Stump the Chumps, did Gaelen's dad take the fall for his sputtering Audi? All that, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

How on earth did Helmut know that Jerry and his pals were pulling in to his service station, to get a tire repaired? See if you can figure it out!

Last Week's Puzzler

How did the American know it was his countryman who attacked the servant? Find out!

Show Open Topic

A benefit of owning a Yugo? You can bring it in at night. In... to the living room!

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Eric-Parking in lots

by Gwink

In defense of Eric and the vehicle parked next to him, these parking lots are being designed for only SMALL cars---not work trucks and the sort of vehicles some people actually "need." Where are they to park? This country, and especially the "Left coast" where I live, seem to be anti-working class now. Why don't the parking lot "engineers" give equal space to these work vehicles as well? They already have spaces marked as "For compact cars only." They can mark them "For work trucks only."

Favorite Moment: The Puzzlers always get my attention

really funny guys

by dg3456

You guys are great look forward to your shows

To Heat or Not to Heat

by Prius_Owner_1951

I would suggest getting or borrowing a ScanGuage II - It plugs into the OBDII port - I use it to monitor Coolant Temp + 3 other stats(MPG, Speed, RPM). Once the coolant temp reaches 163 degrees, I turn on the heat, albeit at a low fan setting, 68 degrees. With a hybrid car(Prius 2010) the gas engine will shut down at low speed (< 40 mph or at a stop) - this causes the coolant temp to drop rapidly in the Winter (Aluminum engine block). Using the heater full time causes the engine to start up more frequently to maintain the coolant temp above at least 109 degrees, but the Prius engine runs most efficiently with coolant temp at least 163 degrees. Not the case with Non-Hybrid vehicles - BUT - the first 3 to 5 miles, using the heater WILL increase fuel consumption. After that, not so much. Just my take on things...

Someone put a nickel in Tommy...

by Anonymous

I have to say that my favorite shows are when 'The Brothers Grime' are going at each other. You can tell it's going to be a good show when it sounds like someone 'put a nickel in Tommy' because he's even goofier than usual. I could tell this was going to be a good show right from Tommy's 'bad seal' impression right from the start. Raymie will take his 'goofy' cue from Tommy and join in once Tommy starts and Ray's Lawrence Welk impression was great. Throw in a BOOOOOOOOOOO-GUS puzzler answer (and this one was REALLY BOOOOOOOOOOO-GUS!) and it's guaranteed to be a fun show.

Favorite Moment: Tommy's reaction to Ray saying that he's about to 'make something up' about Heather's popping noise on her Jeep Cherokee.

Saturday Morning Fun

by Ron Simonetti

Hilarious, as always. Amazing how many of the callers have 1980s and 90s cars; and that they are still running.

Favorite Moment: The Yugo in the living room, followed by the VW Bug carried away on the MIT campus.


A Yugo... in the living room?

Here's one advantage that a Yugo has over most other cars.

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