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#1048: Throw Your Keys Down the Drain

Original Air Date: 11.27.2010

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This week on Car Talk, here's a new complaint for you: "My car is getting too many miles per gallon." Ephraim's fuel mileage doubled, right after he got engaged to be married, and he's wondering if it's a coincidence or if his fiancee has magical mileage enhancement powers. Meanwhile, the holidays mean more family gatherings, which mean more family arguments over cars. Al and his brother are sparring over whether it's possible to park a car so that you can't get out the way you got in; and, Sharon and her husband can't agree on whether it's safe to put a wreath on the front of her car. Also, a quest for heated seats, and if a Brigadier General wants to go 140 mph in a Crown Vic, who are we to stop him? All that and lots more on this week's Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

This week: a warden, three prisoners, five hats-- and a chance to walk free. How did the prisoner in front figure it out?

Last Week's Puzzler

Why would Italian men suddenly start wearing white shirts with a black stripe? See if you figured out Ray's international puzzler. Find out!

Show Open Topic

How one listener's NOT wasting a perfectly good hour during Car Talk.

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    Show Review - 1386

    by Anonymous

    You guys are just so consistently good. YOU DON"T NEED NO STINKING REVIEWS!!! You are just fine as you are, although your mom has disagreed with THAT for years. -- Sam and Rachel Willinger

    Show Review - 1387

    by Anonymous

    Show Review - 1388

    by Anonymous

    Show Review - 1411

    by Anonymous

    What's in a name?

    by koolblkguy

    You often bring up the name Arup Gupta as being one of the more unique names you've heard from a caller. As the owner of a driving school in the Phoenix AZ area that specializes in teaching students from India, I have you topped syllable, and letter count and difficulty of pronunciation. Try these on for size. Sukteenath, Sushmita Ganguly,manomohar,sajitha,sapriya, ruheena, ruchi, uma uppaluri, meena poyakehar, Venkatesh Ramen, and the all time favorite Pratyhusha Doppalapudi.Imagine if you will teaching Prathyusha and having to use her name to tell her to slow down before hitting the car in front of us? I teach using the students car which means no brake on my side. Honey usually works best. male or female. ha!


    by Paymon

    love your show

    best ever

    by lovetolisten

    this is the best podcast i listen to out of 10. you are amazing. I wish i could give you 1001 rating

    Favorite Moment: all of them

    Would you refer this to your Bricklin caller?

    by jmatmuss

    Favorite Moment: It's all good. I try to get up early each Saturday!

    Wasting another perfectly good hour listening to Car Talk

    It's not wasting another perfectly good hour if you've made a decorative fence by the end of it.

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