#1040: The Dr. Pepper Experiment

Original Air Date: 10.02.2010

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This week on Car Talk, Coke or Dr. Pepper? Which soda's better at removing corrosion from car batteries is the question of the hour. Fortunately, our Consulting Chemist Jim Davis dials in to offer a definitive answer to this carbonated conundrum. Also, a divorce may be the best way to deal with a twitching side view mirror; a Nissan Altima features a little too much cowbell; and a ride home in the family Subaru is marred by a few flames. All this, plus everything you could ever want to know about rescuing a Mustang from a quarry, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

How on earth could it take five hours to drive back and forth to grandma's house? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

Ray noticed something unique about the change he and his fellow customers received at a convenience store. What was it? Find out!

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Tom and Ray share wisdom from kids.

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Show Review - 1316

by j.alden

Show Review - 1389

by Anonymous

Great show!

by cames

Whatever sorts of substances that you may just happen to misuse - I would love have some sent, COD. Charles, Cottage Grove, OR

Hope you've got deep pockets...

by torr10

Don't get me wrong,I love the show, but...when you tell someone to drive the car down a public road with no brakes....and you don't tell them to use the emergency brake, you're setting yourself up for a lawsuit.

Favorite Moment: The ending....j/k...

Going Downhill

by Wild West Woman

I am a huge fan of your show and can usually hardly wait to hear it. The past 3 shows have had really dumb calls that went on too long, and made me question why I listen to the show. I want to love it again. C'mon and get with it, will you?

Favorite Moment: when it was over.

soda pop & gum drops

by Jason Epstein

As always funny. 1) the scientist tested the fluffy part of the corrosion. the fluffy stuff is not what gives auto owners difficulty. it's the gummy part that is a problem. 2) I'm wondering if the mirror of the car has some sort of turn adjustment mechanism. we can assume that the mirror is maxed out because of his height. so the clicking is the mirror attempting to adjust further when it can't adjust further.


by Jason Epstein

Ive never heard a show that wasn't funny or that i didn't like. I've been working on cars for 20 years and I still learn stuff from your show. I always miss it on npr so being able to listen online is awesome. Keep doing what you're doing it's working fine.

Important Question

by scott7green

Hello! from Richmond, Utah. In being a faithful listener and top fan of car talk for the last 10 or 15 years, I worked last Saturday, yet was tuned in to my public radio station throughout your program! This being show number 1040 and according to my mathematyx skills would be equal to exactly 20 years, I patiently awaited with excitement and enthusiasm, to have you mention the fact that your program would now be the twentieth anniverary edition, however you made no mention of it. Why is this for? SS Richmond, Utah.

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