#1038: Coke Vs Dr Pepper

Original Air Date: 09.18.2010

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This week on Car Talk, Chemistry 101 is in session, as Tom and Ray try to figure out whether Dr. Pepper can substitute for Coca Cola as a battery cleaning solution. Happily, there won't be any hands-on experiments, so the chance of a studio fire is remote. Elsewhere, Mary Lou in DC is wondering why her car smells like it just left the pancake house; Rick in Michigan thinks he's got a coffee grinder under the hood; and Lynn in South Carolina wants to know how to kill the three junkers her husband's making her drive. Also, on Stump the Chumps, did Tom and Ray succeed at getting Ralph's Suburban to stop playing "Beat the Clock"? All that and more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

How can two cubes be used to represent every possible date? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

Out in space, astronaut Tommy frees a stuck bolt to deploy a solar collector. Sadly, he forgot to attach his tether on his space walk. How did he save himself from becoming space junk? Find out!

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Tommy shares a favorite joke from the "Hope Springs Eternal" Department.

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by Anonymous

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by Vincentmarie



by Vincentmarie

In the 50', my Dad owned generator trucks for stadium lights. He used to clean the batteries with Coke -- and it worked. So today's caller was correct about using Coke. "Youse" guys are so great!!!

as good as it gets

by ariella

Awesome show tonight guys. Just gets better every week! Loved the sassy women (Kay from tex. and the woman who wants to break her husband's cars). Thank you for making us laugh every Sunday

Favorite Moment: Driving over the railroad tracks and breaking the axels!

this is the best thing in radio

by Anonymous

as they always say at the end of the show you have wasted another hour. its not wasted but one of the fasted hours on radio!!!!!!

Favorite Moment: to many i have listned to this show for years and have got numerous people hooked on it

2nd Gear Syncro - Missed by That Much!

by Anonymous

As a lifetime stickshift jockey and, like you, buyer of old sticks, know why her truck grind and slip in 2nd. Alway check 2nd syncro first when trying out an old jalopy. 2nd gets the most abuse slowing down to turn. Most just pull it in, and you hear the whine from the syncro clutch as it digs in to speed up the input shaft. Soon it wears out, the crunching begins, and eventually it starts to slip out of gear. The solution, what us old timers had to do before syncros came along. The old double-clutch downshift. You know shift to neutral, let clutch out, throttle up to the engine rpm to match the speed, clutch down and shift into second with barely any effort on that expensive syncro. Been doing it that way since Dad taught me zillions of years ago.

Favorite Moment: Always: Stump the Chumps

A Joke from the "Hope Springs Eternal" Department

Tom and Ray share a pick-up line for the ages.

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