#1036: The Lovelorn Mechanic

Original Air Date: 09.04.2010

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This week on Car Talk, can Patty in Virginia keep her mechanic working on her car, without his unsolicited attempts to work on her? Is there a delicate way to let him know she's not interested, without her car becoming a casualty of his broken heart? Also, Tom and Ray try to adjudicate two raging debates. First, what's the right combination of interior and exterior car colors to avoid a fried tucchus, and second, what's the best driving strategy to navigate a road full of frogs. And, what better way to begin (and end) a relationship than by rear- ending your new boyfriend? All this and lots more on this week's classic edition of Car Talk.

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Show Review - 1288

by Anonymous

Show Review - 1293

by Anonymous

Language barrier

by Anonymous

While wasting another perfectly good hour recently, I was particularly amused during your segment on Bay area pronunciationisms. Having been raised in Upstate N.Y. (Rochester) where pies are baked with a-a-a-a-aples and cows give melk, I have little room to say anything. However... For a year and a half I attended North Adams State College (now Mass. College of Liberal Arts), where I--let's say--encountered many students from the eastern end of the Commonwealth. On one occasion I was engeged in an increasingly active discussion about the pronunciation of one word in particular, with one individual from Revere. "It's huss, not hoRse"' he said. "HoRse takes too long to say. Every cowboy rides his huss. That's it!" "OK", I said, "how do you spell the name of the aninal cowboys ride?" "H-o-r [or 'ah'] s-e. Huss. "Well", I asked, "if it takes too long to say "horse" why don't you just write it the same was you say it? H-u-s-s. Why waste all that time writing a little you don't have time to say anyway?" "Because" he said, " if I wrote it that was no one would understand waht I was trying to say!" And with that he left the room, closing the door behind him with a very heavy Boston accent. Barry Bradley San Antonio, TX P.S. I will admit the rest of the country could benefit from learning how to Bostonize the pronunciation of the wife of your uncle. Yes, it's 'aunt', not 'ant'.

Don't Look to a Lawyer for Ethics

by adluria

I'm amazed at you guys. The lawyer who rear-ended her own car while her boyfriend was driving it, thereby totalling his car (which she was driving) and didn't want to pay his $500 insurance deductible has not one smidgen of moral rectitude. How is that SHE is lucky to find out what sort of person HE is? I think it's quite clear that the reverse is true.

Favorite Moment: When the above highly honorable attorney said, before hanging up, "I will take it under advisement." In other words, "There's no way in HELL I'm giving him $500! I only consulted you because I thought you'd agree with me!" This is what they teach 'em in law school.

Many transmissions

by tharri11

Good show

Favorite Moment: The guy who had gone through three transmission rebuilds. Something like this happened to someone I worked with a ferw years ago. Had to get a rebuild and then went theough a couple quickly. It turned out that the tranny shop didn't chcck the tranny coller in the radiator. It was blocked.

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