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#1033: A Huge Bag of Crab

Original Air Date: 08.14.2010

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This week on Car Talk, yes that is a "b" at the end of "Crab," but a "p" might better describe the smell pervading Annette's Mercedes after she left a bag of giant king crabs in the car overnight. Can Tom and Ray help her find a way to get rid of the stench that doesn't involve a match? Meanwhile, Frank from Los Angeles has been losing sleep for a few decades, wondering what caused the car he was towing 25 years ago to explode and burst into flames. Also, bride-to-be Kelli learns that a toilet brush may be her best weapon to get her fiance to stop cooking her Accord's engine; and we get the inside scoop on Ray's latest million dollar idea--the plainclothes salesman. All this and more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

In the early 1930's a young inventor came up with an idea for a little gadget which could be installed in an automobile. Even though people were afraid it would be distracting to drivers, the gadget sold out within minutes. What was the gadget?

Last Week's Puzzler

What was so interesting about the customer's change? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Ray presents his million-dollar business idea: undercover salesmen.

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Stump the Chumps Material

by leewalke

Caller 4, Joe with the Subaru Forrester is not going to need bearings, he's going to need a new backing plate. It seems to be common in Subarus. (Google Subaru Backing Plate Noise.)

Favorite Moment: The crab thing was kind of funny.


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