#1032: Practical Jokes

Original Air Date: 08.07.2010

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This week on Car Talk, we asked and our listeners delivered! We kick off the show with some of our listeners' favorite practical jokes, from taking a groom on a detour after his bachelor party to making a roommate question his very existence. Tommy even recalls an Army prank that further endeared him to good ol' Sergeant McNeely. Also, what does a failing clutch master cylinder have in common with Ray's dental work? Plus, a Boston driver seeks a 2-horn solution to rush hour, a parent learns you can lead a kid to a car but you can't make him drive, and on Stump the Chumps, we find out whether Sarah's mini-van really was the site of a peeing contest while she was away. All this and lots more, on this week's classic edition of Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

What was so interesting about the customer's change? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

A chicken and a half can lay an egg and a half in a day and a half. How long will it take for two chickens to lay 32 eggs? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Practical jokes, courtesy of our listeners.

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Show Review - 1313

by jqua

Cruel, not Funny

by Arcomici

Tom and Ray, Your delight at the suffering of others has caused me to think differently of you both. Usually your humor is good natured, quirky and zaney. The practical joke segment and the jokes chosen make you seem brutish. I couldn't really enjoy he show because I kept thinking about the real danger people may have been put into by the so-called jokes you found so laughable. I will keep listening as I have for many years. I just thought I knew you better.

Favorite Moment: Show was spoiled for me by the "Practical Joke" stories. I don't recall any of the rest of the show.


by nmfralich

I was certain that somebody during the last caller was going to mention hybrid cars, but since they didn't I feel it is incumbent upon listeners such as myself to point out the regenerative braking technology of today's hybrids as perhaps the saving grace of that poor husband's argument. Perhaps what you should have told her to do was keep taking the low road....and don't let him buy a Prius!!


by mdommdom

The Elaine and Roger segment was very closely copied from Dave Barry's column of a few years ago. C'mon guys give credit to the real author.

The story about the couple misinterpreting each other - something about a horse

by aaronabend

The funniest thing i have ever heard on car talk. It's not in the show lineup - how can i listen to it?

Favorite Moment: "did [whats her name] ever own a horse?"


by craft_a_nan@yahoo.com

I needed a laugh this morning and the part about practical jokes gave it to me! Thanks much!

Favorite Moment: The practical jokes--the poor groom who basically woke up in the frigid cold with no shoes, no wallet and had to find his way back home in time for the wedding......wouldn't want it to happen personally, but it will leave the couple with many a laugghs in years to come, don't ya think?????

over the hill

by bentwheel

practical jokes were a hoot or toot, guys.

Favorite Moment: stump the chumps and the elusive odor


by Anonymous

Why is it "Practical," as in joke, to send someone sans shoes to Minnesota? That sinks even lower than your usual sophomoric humor.

Practical Jokes

by mazelbrutch

Go to the post office and get a change of address form. fill it out for you buddy sending his mail to say the county jail

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