#1029: The Pep's Lincoln

Original Air Date: 07.17.2010

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This week on Car Talk, Tom and Ray's pal Pepe learns the dark and sordid truth about the mishap that befell his beloved Lincoln on a snowy night, and why he owes the city of Cambridge an apology. Then it's off to Las Vegas where Kate's having a little trouble getting her Acura to stop, and a lot of trouble convincing her mechanics she's not crazy. Also, a bachelor tries to sex up the most sexless vehicle known to humankind; and does a "Do Not Regap" sign on spark plugs mean anything if it's not all in caps? All this, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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The puzzler is resting comfortably, on its summer hiatus, and will return at the end of its vacation. Find out!

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The puzzler is resting comfortably, on its summer hiatus, and will return at the end of its vacation.

Show Open Topic

The Pep's Lincoln. Tom and Ray share a story about their friend Pepe's wife smashing Pepe's Lincoln and not telling him... for 15 years.

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Sexy minivans

by HappyToes

Missed a bet here

Sexy minivans

by HappyToes

Missed a bet here...

Favorite Moment: I recently watched my son-in-law escort his pregnant wife in to their minivan, then check to make sure their other 4 kids had their seat belts on. I ask you, what is more sexy than a proven breeder in his late 20s? LOL

Front Tooth Gap

by nplazio

Great openning with the Pep Story. The caller with the spark plug problem made me think. What if the feeler gauge was off? Thanks.



You forgot to ask the caller if his wife uses her left foot to brake. This is primary cause for brake system failures. They never learned how to drive a stick.

Crazy Driver has 7 daughters

by Tybee

R3ead your Automotive column in the paper regarding the crazy driver father. You're forgetting that he's going to be driving his grandchildren around, and he's unsafe! I don't care what he does to HIS car, but should NOT be driving the other cars until he shapes up, and never the grandsons/daughters until he improves. Your allegiance is very misplaced. Sorry, fellas.

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