#1023: Adieu, Puzzler King

Original Air Date: 06.05.2010

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This week on Car Talk, Tom and Ray pay tribute to late puzzler mentor Martin Gardner, and they do it in true Magliozzi fashion--by recalling an embarrassing on-air moment, and then promptly swiping one of Martin's classic puzzles. Also, in first-rate Magliozzi form, the guys turn a leaky moon roof into a relationship test; suggest that one caller decorate his living room table with the passenger seat from his Chevy Malibu; and utter the sage words, "That's what it is, if that's what it is." And, on Stump the Chumps, did Ray successfully diagnose a "thud bump echo" in two tries, or will he demand a third swing at the problem? All this and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

8,549,176,320. What's unique about that number? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

Someone orders a beer and is successfully served. Four hours later, he orders another beer and is denied. Why? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray remember the late puzzler guru Martin Gardner.

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Show Review - 1214

by Anonymous


by joyrichron@yahoo.com

I can't find where to answer your question about the number 8,549,176,320. It uses all digits between 0-9(10 numbers). I LOVE your show on Sat. morns. It makes/starts my day! Joydell Roncke (Joy)

Favorite Moment: All of it. It's hiliarious and helpful!

2002 Sable

by Pitollie

Hey Click-n-Clack. The lady who called in about the 2002 Sable, boy was I glad it was not an Explorer! You see, I had one and my pet ball python slithered into the heating duck on cold February Michigan winter. I couldn't get it out as there are bolts through out the duct work so you can't reach inside. I cried for the poor snake but then decided to return the car to dealer and buy a new one the next day! So, maybe there is a dead snake in her system too? That might explain the smell....

Favorite Moment: My favorite moment was when you warned a caller that his car was dangerous and he should not be driving it.

I'd like to be a second opinion

by RevMichael

Hello; I was listening to your show today (6-5-10). You had a man with a Jeep that had a problem of starting. When he got to 'My Mechanic' (Honest People) the Jeep would 'start'. Yes, fuel pump could most definitely be a factor-the other, not mentioned, would be a solenoid on the starter...reason... when a solenoid get hot it won't start right away...same with fuel pump, sometimes. The woman with the 'Thump', I automatically said "Shocks", you said broken Strut which is basically the same and would get the caller on the right track. The woman with the "B.O." problem...hmmm...I had no answer...but the "Spray the Vents Outside" was a good one. Okay, am I an ASE Cert mechanic...NO!...However, I am classified as a backyard mechanic...my training came from the public library...both city & county. When it comes to the operations of a vehicle, brakes, shocks/struts, tires and alignment...I consider myself 'ONE' of the best in the country...Why?...I have almost 40years in the business. MTR (in my email address stands for Mike's Tire Repair. 88 stands for my Race Car number back in the early 70's, where I, along with Big Daddy Ross and my Car were featured in 'Hot Rod Magazine', but that is another story. If a person calls you for answers, and you might want a 2nd opinion, I'd like to put my 'two-cents' in. NO...I'm not looking for publicity, I get 'enuff' of that through my Books...i.e., I write SciFi, Mystery and Detective Stories...Check out Amazon. My age is 61, but it will change this August and I am going to retire from the Tire biz...My 'Back' told me so or else. Okay, I'm easy, so I started up a website about Scams and Frauds to alert the public. A way to give back to the community/Country/World????????? (Radio-waves hitting another planet in the distant future...who knows). Okay, I will make some money at this...Adsense and Clickbank...A supplement to "So-So-Security".

Favorite Moment: Favorite Moment? Hmmmm....okay, when I went out on a Service Call because Les Schwab and Basin Tire did not have the 'man power' to take care of an Earth-Mover with a Flat, I was called and I gladly went out. After I got there and 45 minutes later, I was a $1000 richer and I immediately got there account...understand...the former were charging over $2000, but they have overhead...so don't look bad upon them.. I'm a 'One Man Band'! Sincerely; Rev. Michael Arnholt

Overall review

by Anonymous

I have been attempting to listen to the show for twenty years but I can't stand that rediculous aggravating,grating hell on the nerves giggling. What medical problem do you guys have?I have seen shizophrenics laughing insanely. Does that fit? BTW your dumb theme sucks. Get a good mone here. To start off with I like the show very much but I would enjoy it much more if you changed that theme song to something a little more catchy than that silly one you have now. You can find a good one here http://local.aaca.org/junior/cartunes/mp3/1900.ht

Favorite Moment: When I switch the radio to another station.

Couple o' Corrections

by bumblinbob

Despite my love of the show I must point out a couple of errors: 2002 Mercury Sable has, along with other Ford products, a cabin filter that is seldom changed. Also the fan motor is easily changed and often has water in the squirrel cage. Finally, Alaska is no longer sparsely populated. It's becoming crowded, but has room for you two if your visit is short. Consider this an invitation.

Favorite Moment: This show and all the others have countless moments- can't choose a favorite.

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