#1021: Tommy vs. The Marital Industrial Complex

Original Air Date: 05.22.2010

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This week's Car Talk features a pre-marital marital dispute. Byron and his fiancee can't agree on what vehicle to use for their wedding day getaway--a luxury rental, or Byron's trusty Tacoma pickup truck. Find out how Tom and Ray adjudicate the matter, and why Tommy's about to earn a spot on the Union of Concerned Caterers' enemies list. Elsewhere, Sarah in Iowa wants to know if it's worth investing 20 dollars in Pops-O-Dent for her dinged Taurus; and seven weeks on an island with no hot water, and hence no shower, has driven Steve to desperate measures--calling us to help fix his jerry-rigged water heater. And if you drive a rental car into a river and it doesn't show up on You Tube, do you really have to tell anybody? All this, and more, on this week's encore edition of Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

What's a 710 cap? It's time for your guesses! Find out!

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What US city is surrounded by the same "other" state on all sides? Find out!

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Age-activated Attention Deficit Disorder.

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Show Review - 1196

by Anonymous

Whatdoyahmean EXPERT

by dickbyrne9@aol.com

You guys are batting about 500 (out of 1000) now on your radio show. I pay about 30 for front rotars and $9.95 for LIFETIME pads. Also, do those cheap OBD hand held computers work worth a damn.

Favorite Moment: When a returning caller explains how far off your expert opinion was.

I love this show!!!!

by Anonymous

My husband and my boss are avid NPR listeners and I hadn't been. We started to listen at work and the first time I heard Car Talk I was hooked! I love this program. It absolutely cracks me up. I make sure I run all of my office errands so that I can be back in the office to listen at 1:00p. I love it!!!

Must read.....this could be read on your show.

by Beth Manley

This is the article you have been waiting for "Whose Car Are You Driving" by Abbey Algiers go to www.imrunnerchica.com Click on 'more inspirations' and read the above article. I know you will love it. As her sister I feel obligated to send this to you. She says it all so well. It will appeal to so many of your listeners. Thanks, Beth Algiers-Manley Milwaukee WI 414-964-9232

A title? What?? I just forgot where I am

by kushka53

Great show. You are national treasures.

Favorite Moment: Opening bit on being distracted and never getting to the original task. Could totally relate!

Tom and Ray Should Retire Now

by LornaDoone54

These guys seem far more concerned with talking about the caller's locality than they do about the caller's car problem.

A best show ever!!!

by Waywardpilgrim

The AAADHD bit brought me to tears of empathy. The whole show was GREAT! Loved the "You're IN trouble!" when talking to the guy about SUV or RR limo.

Favorite Moment: AADHD bit and "You're IN trouble!" re: SUV or RR Limo for wedding exit.

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