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#1020: Meet Van Dweller, Junior

Original Air Date: 05.15.2010

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This week's Car Talk features a bonus return appearance by Tara, formerly of California. When we last heard from her, Tara was embarking on a cross-country move with her van-dwelling boyfriend, Curtis. Apparently, the trip went well-- very well-- because she and Curtis now need help choosing a name for their upcoming offspring. Also, a life lesson for Mark in California--never trust your brother when he's wearing plaid pants. And, a Subaru gives its life to save a neighborhood from a manhole cover; Josh in Virginia wonders where the line between "good son" and "cheapskate" is; and, a marital auto mishap has Corinna in Denver shocked into repeating "$1,100!" All this, plus a new Puzzler from the Geographic Oddities series, and more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

A geographical oddity! From which US city can you go North, East, West or South-- yet always hit the same state, first? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

Ted wants to repair a 2,500-page, three-volume set of books covered in mold from page one to the last page. How much did the repair cost? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share a unique serenity prayer.

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Van Dweller

by katt2qt4u

Buy a dog, name him Van.

Baby name for Tara

by bethievv

Hi Tara and Curtis, I have the perfect solution. I would be honored if you would like to use my middle name-it's an old and fairly unique family name with great initials that keep everyone guessing~ Van Vleet!! It's also my dad's middle name, so it is unisex. This way, you can give your baby a first name you both love and use this as the middle name. And the clincher--my birthday is 10-20, which also happens to be the # of this show~~so it's in the stars--you should pick this name! (Bonus Points-one sister used to own a Westfalia and another used to live in a van with her boyfriend! So much in common--it is meant to be! :^) Good Luck~~ I love your story!~ * V. V. *

Favorite Moment: Hearing Tara and Curtis are having a baby!


The Serenity Prayer

Serene?!  I am serene!  I'm so serene right now!!!

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