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#1020: Meet Van Dweller, Junior

Original Air Date: 05.15.2010

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This week's Car Talk features a bonus return appearance by Tara, formerly of California. When we last heard from her, Tara was embarking on a cross-country move with her van-dwelling boyfriend, Curtis. Apparently, the trip went well-- very well-- because she and Curtis now need help choosing a name for their upcoming offspring. Also, a life lesson for Mark in California--never trust your brother when he's wearing plaid pants. And, a Subaru gives its life to save a neighborhood from a manhole cover; Josh in Virginia wonders where the line between "good son" and "cheapskate" is; and, a marital auto mishap has Corinna in Denver shocked into repeating "$1,100!" All this, plus a new Puzzler from the Geographic Oddities series, and more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

A geographical oddity! From which US city can you go North, East, West or South-- yet always hit the same state, first? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

Ted wants to repair a 2,500-page, three-volume set of books covered in mold from page one to the last page. How much did the repair cost? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share a unique serenity prayer.

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Van Dweller

by katt2qt4u

Buy a dog, name him Van.

Baby name for Tara

by bethievv

Hi Tara and Curtis, I have the perfect solution. I would be honored if you would like to use my middle name-it's an old and fairly unique family name with great initials that keep everyone guessing~ Van Vleet!! It's also my dad's middle name, so it is unisex. This way, you can give your baby a first name you both love and use this as the middle name. And the clincher--my birthday is 10-20, which also happens to be the # of this show~~so it's in the stars--you should pick this name! (Bonus Points-one sister used to own a Westfalia and another used to live in a van with her boyfriend! So much in common--it is meant to be! :^) Good Luck~~ I love your story!~ * V. V. *

Favorite Moment: Hearing Tara and Curtis are having a baby!

name for baby

by smsgreen

I think that since they had traveled across Canada and if they have a boy. They should name him Van Coover.

Spanish major got it wrong

by drbenito

Your recent show featured a college graduate Spanish major who said the Spanish American war was for the independence of Texas. It was actually for Cuba, Phillipines, Guam and Puerto Rico. The Mexican American war was for Texas independence from Mexico, not Spain, nearly 50 years earlier.

Baby Name

by Bethgiggles

I think you should use the initials 'VW' instead of the name Van. Victoria Wendy, Vincent Wayne, etc.

Here's the name

by John_Sideris

Victoria Wanda Lastname if it's a girl. Victor William if it's a boy. VW Lastname. People might notice the initials, but really, unless the kids wants someone to know, no one will.

Van Junior's name ideas...

by Redfish

How about "Taravan" as a middle name? Nah? Well, we'll keep working on it. Good luck!

Favorite Moment: Stump the Chump...

Tara & Curtis's Child's Name

by Nobel

For a boy Van For a girl - Vanna Marie; same as Vanna White. She then has an alternate reason for the name. Lu

Name for Van Dweller Jr.

by PatRx

I've known several persons with Van in their names.. A female friend named Evangeline who was known by her friends as "Vangie". And, the owner of my local VW dealership's name was Vance and he did alright for himself in the community.. Then there is also another fellow's name.."Evan"

Favorite Moment: Love the show whenever I find myself near a radio on Sundays..and, I can commiserate with the fellow who couldn't remove his oil filter. I remember trying to remove the first filter on my new was on so tight that the mechanic finally jabbed 2 long screwdrivers from opposite sides forming a "T" in order to get enough leverage..will getting a shower of used oil... It was the tightest oil filter that I've ever come all my years of driving..

van name

by tommytinker

how about beetlevan?


The Serenity Prayer

Serene?!  I am serene!  I'm so serene right now!!!

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