#1019: Dad Can't Smell A Thing!

Original Air Date: 05.08.2010

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This week on Car Talk, while Mom is away, her kids will... hold a peeing contest on her Mercury Villager? That's what Sarah from New Jersey thinks happened when she took a weekend off and came back to a nauseating new aroma in her car. Will the Car Talk Olfactory Forensics Unit get the kids off the hook? Elsewhere on the home front, Barry and his wife are arguing over whether his lead foot is the cause of the bug convention taking place on his windshield, and Ronnie and her husband need refereeing over whether buying a black car in Florida is going to lead to flambeed tuchuses. Meanwhile, if you're looking for some actual car problems, Sandy's got a muffler-like noise that isn't coming from her muffler, and Michrie's DIY engine rebuild may have caused a DIY valve leak. And, did you hear the one about the parrot and the magician? All this and more, on this week's encore edition of Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

How could Ted's book repair be just about exactly half the cost he anticipated? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

What caused the front tires on the old dragsters to deflate after each race? See if you got it right. Find out!

Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share a classic joke-- the story of the magician and the parrot.

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Ronnie's Hot Black Car!

by Anonymous

If a car will sit outside in the sun, keep it white. Heat kills organic compounds--plastics, rubber, upholstery. Dark cars do get hotter inside and under the hood than light cars. The chemical reactions that degrade these things are faster when it's hot, so they wear out faster.

Favorite Moment: Song about the dirt road--love the singer's voice!


by awinter

The show was awesome. I was listening to it while falling asleep but was restless thinking about the puzzler. If the motorcyclist saw the temperature in Fahrenheit first it could have been 40 degrees, which is 4 degrees celsius.

The Magician and the Parrot

'Stupid know-it-all wiseguy bird...'

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