#1016: My Own Brother! My Own Son!

Original Air Date: 04.17.2010

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This week on Car Talk, absence makes the heart grow more devious, as illness forces Ray to miss a trip South. Loving brother Tom gets an unique opportunity to deliver on his promise not to let Ray out of his thoughts with the perfect memento, courtesy of his accomplice, Ray's son Drew. Familial relations are also on the table in Michigan, where Heidi is looking for a gentle way to discourage her non-English speaking, tennis pro husband from trying to change the timing belt on their Volvo, and in Oregon, where Peter's about to get in deep doo-doo with his mother-in-law. Also, does stressing over the long-term health of your mid-life-crisis convertible's hood negate its mid-life-crisis curative powers? And, the burning question of the week--is knitting in the front seat a bad idea? All this and more, on this week's encore edition of Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

Stevie rides his bike to work for the first time, in the spring... and noticed something interesting. Can you figure out what the temperature was in the morning when he went to work, and what it was on his way home? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

A scoundrel is caught cheating at cards. As punishment, a marksman loads two bullets in a six-shot revolver and spins the cylinder. The first shot's a blank. Should the scoundrel choose that the marksman fire again or spin the cylinder? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray's son Drew pull a great prank on Ray.

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Show Review - 1153

by Anonymous

love this show !!

Show Review - 1154

by Anonymous

love this show !!

Show Review - 1160

by Anonymous

Lost fingers

by ecolt14527

Read your answer to Jonathan, the guy that had the 72 Porsche that ran like a John Deere A after the wash job.First, if Jonathan didn't realize that he had wet ignition problems then I can just see him with the spray bottle, in the middle of the night looking for the leaking "juice" !! He is excited about this venture, being right handed he starts the process and rest his left hand on or into the fan !!! I smell law suit, you told him to spray the ignition !! now he is fingerless on ol=nly his left hand, good news, he will adapt as I have when I used to do the same thing when tracing leaking "juice". As a shade tree mechanic, I just love your column !! I'm 74 and built some really great drag car engines years ago. Keep them coming !!!

Favorite Moment: Just the other day, woman stalled her car in traffic after a "panic" stop. You guys must laugh a lot !!


by gjw1555

I love it when you crack yourselves up! It's hysterical. Keep up the good work!

Favorite Moment: the Midlife crisis guy wanting to be a chic magnet! LOL!

Yet another "encore"

by dcreed

Heard it before.

Favorite Moment: When it ended.

april 17, 2010

by geosue

i do not know how to answer the puzzle. here is my answer: 16 degrees centigrade and 28 degrees centigrade


by bransom

Two incredulous moments: One, the Super Grandma offering to buy her grandson a brand new car, suggesting a Mini Cooper S, no less (she even knows to add the S)! Two, the grandson says it's a chick car?! OMG! Can I get adopted?

Laughed 'til I cried, Mr. Funny Man!

by vsimon5

I laugh at all their shows, but this show was particularly funny. Maybe it just struck me at a giggly moment, but I laughed so hard through most of it.

Favorite Moment: the skit about "my own brother-my own son!" and the one where they made fun of the guy's mother-in-law! When Tommy said "Mr. Funny Man!" I lost it!! Too funny!

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