#1012: Bad Hair Day

Original Air Date: 03.20.2010

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This week on Car Talk, where's Mr. Gigi when we need him? Teresa in Yakima needs to find a way to dry her hair during her morning commute, without becoming a case study in Distracted Driving 101. Find out if Tom and Ray are up to this auto-follicular challenge. Meanwhile, Adam in Oregon is about to discover the high cost of ignoring a balky transmission and a blinking Check Engine light: an expensive repair bill, and ridicule in front of a national radio audience. Also, a pending engine rebuild tests Stratus owner Ravi's love for his car, and down in Alabama, Jane isn't crying over spilled milk, but she is rather upset about the spilled cream that stunk up her husband's BMW. All this plus a puzzler from Our Fair City, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

A person born in Cambridge (Our Fair City) is not a US citizen. How could this be? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

What do the words have in common? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Study: Bad driving may be genetic.

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Show Review - 1130

by tilghman

SOLUTION: Spoiled Cream Stink & Stain

by Tzany Tzarina

TAGG: "Stain Remover Queen" Very warm dry day: 2qts VERY HOT water, 2 scoops of OXI CLEAN, stir well until dissolved, add either DAWN or PURE GREASEED LIGHTNIN', mix well. Saturate carpet first,then fabric w sponge. Wait 15-30 min. Use clean stiff nylon brush, WIGGLE don't scrub stain. LET SIT 15+ min. Blot, Rinse, Blot, Blot, Blot check results. If good DRY SEVERAL DAYS w FAN. Wait 1 week: semi-saturate w LYSOL SPRAY. LET DRY... Repeat if necc. Love, Bonnie

Favorite Moment: Shock of discovery & BLAME. I have lots of experience w many spilled chocolate shakes on light grey Gran Prix carpet & upholstery. Looked like new when traded in, Love, Bonnie Autophile 1950&60's. Spent lots of time @ Uncle's garage across from Mario A's Uncle's in Nazareth,PA. "Mascot of Aristocrat Car Club" mid to late 50's. Evolved into Academic MOTORHEAD. German, attractve, stacked, 5'2", mechanic's helper...very popular...

Sell the Civic in Chicago

by glencho

Open the hood and look for the EPA label. It is usually stuck on the underside of the hood. If it does not read that it's certified for California emissions, SELL IT. The cost to get your car to CA EPA requirements are prohibitive. California has had the strictest EPA requirements in the nation for over 35 years. It was going to cost me over $2000 to get my Galaxie 500 updated in 1975. Good luck.

Bad advice

by deepwater916

Great show but bad advice to lady planning on taking her car from Chicago to San Fran. STILL DIFFICULT TO REGISTER AN OUT OF STATE VEHICLE IN KALIPHONYA

Breaking News: Bad driving may be genetic!

Some drivers just can't learn from their mistakes, says Science Daily.

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