#1011: The Wacko Young Man in His Flying Machine

Original Air Date: 03.13.2010

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This week on Car Talk, Ed in Pennsylvania needs to choose an engine for the airplane he's building in his garage. The phone lines at Plane Talk must've been busy, because he's seeking guidance from Tom and Ray. Will Tom and Ray suggest the cheaper engine, even if it means an occasional mid-air stall? Meanwhile, Mary in Milwaukee loves her new vintage Ford Galaxy, except for the little problem that it doesn't like to run in cold weather. Also, guilt-racked Cindy wonders if she cooked her engine driving in a post-carbon-monoxide-poisoned daze; David in Brookline, MA, needs help de-crowifying his Saab; and is a trip to the Giggle Hut the secret to good health? All this and more, on this week's encore edition of Car Talk.

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All these different words have something in common. Can you figure out what? Find out!

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Driving down the highway, a guy hears a loud bang. He limps to a mechanic who estimates 2,500 dollars in body work. What was wrong? Find out!

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Why laughter might be better than the gym.

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Show Review - 1129

by gloria

Entertaining rerun

by Anonymous

I enjoyed this episode, but I've got to say there's something very disturbing to me about the fact that this is a rerun that's being billed as a show with an original airdate of March 13, 2010. All of the callers have cars that are at least 11 years old with abnormally low mileage, and there isn't any kind of reaction from Click & Clack over the age of the cars. (There's also a reference to warranty service being performed recently for a 1990s-era car.) So... what's going on, folks? There's a BRIEF mention of the word "encore" at the end of the show description, but please don't say that the original air date is 3-13-2010... because it's not. (I also find it deceptive that the message boards are currently collecting suggestions for Ed's airplane engine conundrum, despite the fact that he probably made that decision about 10 years ago.) So... I enjoyed listening to the show, but I'm pretty sure I speak for a lot of listeners when I say that I'm not at all impressed with the deceptive advertising about its original airdate.

Favorite Moment: The suggestion for the lady with the '95 Del Sol to put flags on it in Jamaica Plain... that's a downright hilarious mental picture right there! (Not to mention the fact that if there's any chance at all this IS a new show, the idea that anyone in Massachusetts still owns a '95 Del Sol is pretty funny as well.)

the best raido show

by Anonymous

there is non, you are already perfect

Favorite Moment: When you explaned how many people were so mad at you

Flying with Subaru power

by Flying9

I have an aircraft with a 2.5L Subaru in it. It flies at 160 mph and burns 5.6 gal/hour of regular auto fuel. I built it in our condo basement and now have 350 hours of enjoyable time on it. Jake, Byron Center, MI

For Ed

by slicksailor

Hi Tom and Ray, Just to let Ed know, my grandfather invented and holds patents for the magneto ignition systems for the recomended engine he should install. They are called slicks (Slick Magnetos), named after my Grandfather, Fred Slick, of Rockford, IL. Just tooting my family horn, thanking you for a(n) always great show, and wishing Ed the best of luck. slicksailor

Another re-run

by dcreed

Encore...rerun...old junk foisted on us as new without the disclaimer at the beginning of the show. Whatever. Getting sick of the reruns, so I guess I'll have an hour more to do something else with on my weekends.

Favorite Moment: When it ended

Why the comedy club is as good as the health club

Laughter is the best medicine AND the best workout.

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