#1010: The Dart vs. The Bel Air

Original Air Date: 03.06.2010

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This week on Car Talk, Romauldus in Connecticut is preparing for his mid-life crisis by readying bids on two heaps, either of which could have come from Tommy's driveway. Will Tom and Ray help him keep the whole transaction a secret from the Missus? Meanwhile, English teacher Mike is preparing for a 13-day, 5,000 mile road with nine students in a Chevy van, prompting Ray to recall a memorable trip North with dear Uncle Dodo. Also, black tape over a flashing Check Engine light doesn't seem to fix a Voyager's fuel problem, and a team of janitors go to work under the floor of a Grand Cherokee. All this plus a new Puzzler from the Forces of Nature series, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

Why will this loud bang cost about $2,500 to fix? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

Why didn't Ray have to worry about spilling the soup this time? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Fair Trade? A listener offers to trade his '75 Chrysler Concorde for the box of Car Talk music CD's.

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Show Review - 1117

by Anonymous

a real "solid lifter"?

by Anonymous

Good to know that there are sensible, down-in-earth guys like Tom who appreciate venerable vehicles like the Dart. The short-strokers can salivate over Bel Airs, but whether a slant six or a 'cuda 273, you couldn't beat the Mopars.

Favorite Moment: Finding out I was 4-F...

alternate solution for the Passat

by JuniorMint

( third try ... can't see my posting ) : check the oil cooler / coolant. if it looks like chocolate milk, your seals are bad.

Favorite Moment: .

alternate solution for the Passat

by JuniorMint

the oil cooler comment is for the Passat, with the oil loss - my title was lost in the posting.

Favorite Moment: when Ray says "Bye Bye" ;^)

Static shocks when entering or exiting car

by Mary Lou Klipo

You were right on with the tire conductivity I think. I got my new Mazda Protege 5 in February years ago and I continually got terrible shocks with sparks of blue light and then after a bit it stopped which was when I got new tires and it never happened again.


by tjb913

your show is great!!!

Favorite Moment: every moment is awesome!! i love your show!!

A Fair Trade?

What do you mean by a "slight" slip, Harry?

Favorite Rodney Dangerfield jokes submitted by our listeners

Heyyy, give him some respect, huh?

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