#1009: Domestic "In-tranquility"

Original Air Date: 02.27.2010

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This week on Car Talk, all is not quiet on home fronts across the land. For starters, Kay in Colorado is fretting about the state of her Ford Explorer after her daughter accidentally left it running overnight. Meanwhile, that sound you hear from Michigan is the electric door locks in Carole's daughter's Dodge Aries. They won't stop going up and down, and up and down, even when the car is off. And, from Chicago, we hear the dulcet tones of Kris and her husband arguing over who's the rightful owner of a recently shoveled parking space. Also, from the "no good deed goes unpunished" department, Dennis is getting tired of washing his wife's car and having it not start the next day. Even the puzzler gets in on the familial action, as Ray goes to his sister's aid. All this and more on this week's encore edition of Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

How did Ray safely deliver the chicken soup? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

How many matches will the arm-wrestling tournament require? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share some... alternative definitions.

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Show Review - 1109

by Anonymous

Love your show!

Favorite Moment: Whenever you laugh.

Show Review - 1110

by Anonymous

Love your show!

Favorite Moment: Whenever you laugh.

Show Review - 1111

by Anonymous

Show Review - 1114

by Anonymous


by dcreed

Like many of late, this is an "encore" presentation. Why? I don't know. Getting kind of tired of them, though.

Favorite Moment: When it ended.

Good Show but....

by ErrolS

Please refrain from using callers who have non technical automotive information to share. Such as...what kind of car should I buy? I'd rather that person go somewhere else to get her research not that you aren't capable of an intelligent and cogent answer but that's not why I listen to you to quacks (said with affection).

Favorite Moment: It wasn't too funny today.... sorry

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