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#0952: Tire Pressure Phobia

Original Air Date: 12.26.2009

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This week on Car Talk, what do a tire pressure gauge, a football helmet, and a space suit have in common? They're all on the list of items to help Peterson in Tennessee get over his fear of causing an explosion by putting air in his tires. Speaking of explosive situations, Marianne in Virginia was so impressed by her neighbor's "direct" method of charging her dead battery that she's wondering if jumper cables are just a big marketing scam, or if she should keep a fire extinguisher handy if he ever tries it again. Also, a Corolla that's so reliable it doesn't know when to stop running, a Ford Escort breaks the land-speed record--for Ford Escorts, that is--and Ray discovers new automotive healing powers. All this and more, on this week's encore edition of Car Talk

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This Week's Puzzler

With 16 matchsticks, make the following Roman numeral sequence. One, then two matchsticks to make a plus sign. Plus Roman numeral two. Plus Roman numeral three. Plus Roman numeral four, which is not "IV," but, in this case, "IIII." How do you do it? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

Ray breaks a magnetic flashlight by dropping it on the floor. After testing the light bulb, he throws the thing away. A half hour later, he retrieves all the parts from the trash. Why?

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The worst analogies from high school essays!

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Show Review - 1036

by vairese

The middle third of the last show was a week old. Why? My local, kjzz, states it is not their doing. This is not the first time I have noticed a portion of a show being a repeat of a recent show.

Show Review - 1039

by Anonymous

contour info

by maliepaard

You were a bit ignorant about the mooing Ford Contour.The problem is indeed with the idle air conrol,but is more likely to be a defective "Idle Aircontol Valve".I happen to own a moo-mate a mystifying Mercury Mystique,which exhibits the same tendency.This valve controls the idle speed by letting air bypass the throttle.It is controlled by the ICU. If the underhood temp is high (city driving in summer) for instance this valve seems to malfunction and the engine stalls out or sometimes surges and then quits.Giving throttle helps. The ICV costs at least $100 plus and is an absolute bitch to replace.As I mentioned previously high ambient temp.appears to be a factor!. There is a good website with all kinds of Contour could contact the moo sufferer and get him in the know.Hans

Mixes from old shows?

by Anonymous

Seems like the segment about the 1997 Honda also must be from an old show. The owners says he bought it new and had a weird noise problem from new. One of the brothers comments that that means he's put up with it for four years. 1997 + 4 = 2001. Was this a segment from 2001?

Favorite Moment: The battery-to-battery jump start.

freaken hilarious

by benjamin4278

It was so funny i couldn't breath!

Favorite Moment: I loved the part about the dude that called in about the tire at the end of the show. I was laughing so hard that, I had to pull over to listen to this poor guy not get anyhelp at all from the brother. That man is probally in a corner standed in his house. God Bless Him!

I think we got a frankenshow last week

by dadoctah

It wasn't just the second half. I recognized the guy with the fear of inflation in the third half, and the Baltic jumpstart (and list of student similes) in the first half from *years* ago.

Favorite Moment: the prediction that Ray's answer to one caller would involve numbers

Worst Analogies in High School Essays

...Or are they the best analogies?

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