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#0951: Three Years, No Reverse

Original Air Date: 12.19.2009

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This week on Car Talk, after three years of only parking in circular driveways, Scott in Florida is finally ready to address his '97 Jetta's refusal to go into reverse. Of course, Scott doesn't want to spend any money on it, so Tom and Ray may need to get creative. Meanwhile, winter has come to Homer, Alaska, and Shelly's using a meter stick to measure the snowfall in the back seat of her Toyota Highlander. Why? Because her sunroof's full of volcanic ash and won't close. Also, WRX owner Sue ponders life without premium, '93 Civic owner Sarah wonders if her car can handle one more 300-mile trip, and we find out why the leading 15-year-old soccer goal scorer in Fort Collins may want to watch her back. All this and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

Ray's flashlight broke in half. Before he reassembled it, he connected the battery to the bulb. Both were fine. Why didn't it light up?

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An accident most curious! Hear the details, then see if you can figure why only one driver was injured. Find out!

Show Open Topic

A car stereo thief gets a little irreverent, leaving behind an amusing note. (If you're not the car owner, that is.)

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Show Review - 1033

by Anonymous

I deeply emphasize with your problem!

by JanObert

I have a solution to the man who could not get his car out of reverse - heavy duty sliders - much like are used in moving furniture - He could store them in his car - then when parking, drive on to them - in that way he can turn his car around by himself!

very informative!

by Anonymous

i just moved to Mayfield, PA and my fiancee' loves your show! he's listening to it as i type this now. the more i listen to the show the more i like it. you guys are hilarious. thanks for keeping us entertained every 10 am Saturday morning! :)

Irreverent Thieves

Who can ya trust these days?

Dartmouth in Need of More Math Puzzlers

This professor not only enjoys them, he assigns them.

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