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#0950: Oy to the World!

Original Air Date: 12.12.2009

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This week, Car Talk schleps through the holiday season with a few radically reworked Hanukkah songs. Then it's off to Texas where Betty wants to know how many hundreds of dollars it'll cost to retrieve thirty dollars worth of quarters that slid under the floor of her Avalon after one sharp turn. Meanwhile, the cold weather in Louisville, Kentucky, has made Bill's daily commute more interesting-- his brakes don't work until he's blown through a few stop signs. Also, Jeep owner Antoine takes belt tightening a little too far, Tara in Colorado is developing a well-placed fear of potholes, and Kim in Rhode Island's got some probing questions on the aerodynamics of kitty litter. All this, plus a new puzzler from the Automotive Mishap series, and lots more.

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This Week's Puzzler

Why was one driver injured in a car crash, and the other walked away-- when everything else was identical? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

A traveling salesman notices that one out of a pack of eighteen-wheelers traveling on the highway slows down when it pulls into the left lane to pass. Why? Find out!

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Reality Check for Southcentral Alaskan Caller

by kwallace

I cannot resist the urge to let you know that the caller from the Homer Alaska area who called on 12/19/09 who spoke erroneously about volcanic ash fall and gave you the impression that we are crazy to live there...she said "inches" of ash fall over a period of an entire spring when the reality is there where 2 ash fall events in her area (3/26 and 4/4) which amounted to 1 mm and 1.5 mm and ash fall lasted on the order of 1 hour. Measurement errors are very common; however even a millimeter of ash is in fact a nuisance especially to vehicles but on the other hand, great for gardens. Ash fall in this area did little to stop people short of going out to watch; these people are used to erupting volcanoes. This particular community are real troopers!

Favorite Moment: All of them!

Slightly Fractured Hanukkah Songs

'Did you have to go and mess with the perfectly nice songs?'

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