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#0948: Hello, You're on "Sal Talk"

Original Air Date: 11.28.2009

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This week on Car Talk, meet Sal, Tom and Ray's new BFF, or at least, their Best Friend for an Hour. Sal's got a Chevy with a problem that can be fixed with a 1,200 dollar repair-- or an early morning shnerdling trip. He's also got a voice that screams "quintessential New Yorker." Meanwhile, out in Washington, Quentin's inherited his grandfather's Dodge Dart Swinger, and is wondering if it's worth driving, or if he should just take gramp's hat off the dash and dump the rest of the car in the lake. Also, Andrea in Colorado is looking for a new car that's good in the snow and elk-proof, and has her eyes on-- a Mini Cooper. Say what? And, why is a potter scouring junkyards for a 3-speed transmission? All this and more, on this week's encore edition of Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

How can a lawyer fairly divide 17 cars among three legatees, in one old man's will? Listen to the details, and see if you can figure it out! Find out!

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What clue gave away the American soldier in Germany? Find out!

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Tom shares the story of two bear scientists.

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The car guys laugh at SAL?!

by Anonymous

The car guys (rightly) deem Sal the Poster Child of New York accents. Don't they realize that they are the same but for Boston accents? My daughter, who lives in Arlington, Mass.tells of a license plate that she saw: OAH CAH. They should pronounce that one. In Connecticut, no one understands it. They should have no trouble at all!

I loved it

by krebnitz

I loved the brothers infatuation with Sal's accent. I love Their accents!

Favorite Moment: When they called Sal back and when they asked one caller if she were living in sin.

Two Bear Scientists

One grizzly joke!

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