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#0943: Would You Rather be Right or Happy?

Original Air Date: 10.24.2009

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This week on Car Talk, Tommy puts his marital philosophy to work in a dispute over burning bugs and a Ford pickup. Was caller Doug right to tell his wife she's nuts for suggesting the smoke coming from his defroster vents was insect-related, even if it means he's now sleeping in the truck? Also, a hair-dryer helps unravel a soggy starting problem in Maine, a primer on how to handle an annoying passenger who's telling everyone what a lousy driver he is, and can grad student Rebecca make it home for thanksgiving in her Chevy Sprint-- or should she sprint right over to Travelocity and grab some plane tickets? All this, plus a new puzzler from the Day in the Life of Doug Berman series, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

From Ray's new Day in the Life of Dougie Berman series: why is Doug's bike to work faster, when there's more traffic? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

What's one curious thing that a football team without a place kicker can't do? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Cosmoline really does exist! Tom and Ray review a sample of the good stuff, sent in by a listener.

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Show Review - 1000

by Anonymous

Football Puzzler Answer Was Incorrect

by nc285

Dear Click and Clack, I have listened to you show for a many years now (glutton for punishment, I know) and I was pleased to hear a sports puzzler at last. Unfortunately the rule book begs to differ with your answer to last weekÂ’s puzzler that a team without a place kicker cannot score odd points. Both the High School and College rule books allow Team A (offense) to score a 1-point safety. Here is an example from the NFHS Rule book to illustrate. 8.3.3 SITUATION: During a try, a fumble by A1 is nearly at rest on the 3-yard line when a muff by B1 is judged to be a new force causing the ball to go into B's end zone where B2 recovers and downs the ball in the end zone. RULING: The try ends and the ball becomes dead when B2 recovers. In any ordinary down, such a dead ball in the end zone would be a safety; therefore one point is scored for A. I hope this development will not prevent you from further venturing into sports puzzlers (we can all use a good laugh). "Officially" yours, Ryan from Rexburg

Woman moved to Toronto from TX via Atlanta

by zechinati

She asked what she should do to prepare her car for winter, as she had never been in snow before. She should also make sure that she has WINDSHIELD WASHER FLUID WITH ANTI-FREEZE in it. While traveling in the south, I accidently picked up fluid without the anti-freeze and I could see nothing when the washer line froze while in Toledo, OH last year. It was treacherous!!!

Nobody said the puzzler was fair.


Yea, right. Now you tell us Berman was on his bike!!!!! It's like those 1950s movie serial shorts where the car goes over the cliff one week and next week you see them jump out first.

Favorite Moment: Jag advice. I own a 65 Austin Healey mkiii. Even Healey owners cringe when we hear Old Jag.

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