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#0942: When Turkeys Attack!

Original Air Date: 10.17.2009

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This week on Car Talk, a flock of turkeys stages a full-on assault against...a Toyota Prius. Are they anti-hybrid, or just attracted to its bright blue paint job? And, can Tom and Ray offer any Prius-protection tips to owner Maitland, other than trying to scare them off with a dish of cranberry sauce? Also, what do these have in common: a Buick that won't shift out of Park, a Hyundai that can't climb a hill faster than 5 MPH, and a Subaru with a recurring case of Check Engine light flashing? The answers: all three have been misbehaving for a year, and all three have owners in deep denial. And, find out why a smile may be a great umbrella, but a lousy diagnostic tool. All this, plus a puzzler from the Pigskin series, and on Stump the Chumps, the return of Nunzio the Knucklescraper, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

What's so special about a team without a place kicker? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

Take a car model name that's currently under production, and remove the last letter to create a new word. Do this four times. What's the model name? Find out!

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solution to transporting mattresses

by wblaz

I found out that if you open the sun roof when transporting a mattress on the top of your vehicle, most of the air that would normally lift the mattress goes into the cabin of the vehicle. In addition to strapping it down crosswise, between the doors, I also secured the mattress lengthwise from the front bumper to the back bumper with a come-along. I only drove about 40 mph but had no problems.

Turkeys are scared of owls!

by Luigi1717

As all ways very funny guys. This is my first review. Not really a review but a tip. The guy with the turkey problem needs to get an owl decoy. He can get one at a hardware or sporting goods store for a couple of bucks. It also works on pigeons and squirrels. Turkeys are scared of owls. Turkey hunters use owl calls in the evening to locate turkeys on their roosts. In your best owl voice give a shout of "who-coooks-for-you who-who-coooks-for-you-all" and any turkey in the area will let out a yelp. Get an owl decoy, put it on pole near the car and the turkeys won't be back.

The Puzzler

by Jacki in Montana

Great show! Always a great show. But. . . there is one more American-made car which fits the puzzler for this show. You said it was Ranger. Well, of course. But, what about the Mercury Tracer? Comment?

Favorite Moment: Don't make me decide! I missed out on 11:15 mass to hear the program which begins at 12 o'clock in Missoula.

"Park" Place at McDonald's

by Tina

Thanks for airing Lana's call about the Buick that wouldn't come out of park. Ironically, I've been experiencing the same problem lately, with my 2003 Honda Odyssey. Unlike Lana, I only endured only two instances of being stuck in park, before taking it in. My kids and I ended up stranded in a McDonald's parking lot, while my husband was out of town. Thankfully--and literally--our prayers were immediately answered, as a local mechanic drove his service truck through the drive-thru, and we flagged him down. He came to our aid and took a small rectangular cap off of the top of the steering wheel column and pressed an interior button that disengaged my gear shift. This allowed me to drive again! I took my van in the very next day, but the problem was gone. The mechanics could find nothing wrong. Perhaps there had been a small object lodged in there?

Favorite Moment: I liked the comment about Lana's neighbors seeing her just sitting there in her car. I can really relate to that; I kept thinking the same thing, as I waited there with my boys in that parking lot, our Happy Meals finished.

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