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#0936: Is $170 Too Much to Spend on a Dream Car?

Original Air Date: 09.05.2009

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On this week's encore edition of Car Talk, Michelle in Spokane gets her dream car-- a 1974 Datsun truck, which her husband snagged for only 170 dollars. It's missing a few things--like a rear window and a floor! Is this dream worth saving? Or is it a nightmare that needs to be sent immediately to the crusher! Plus, another batch of automotive haikus, a question of merging etiquette from Brian in Kentucky, and is a New York mechanic plagiarizing our diagnoses? All this and more, this week on Car Talk.

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The French are working too many hours, violating the 35-hour work week law.

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Horn disconnect at 5am

by david

I'll bet the neighbor who opened the hood to disconnect the horns that went off in the night didn't know where the "relay" was any more than Click and Clack did. I assume he found the wires and gave a pull, creating a disconnect between the female connector and the wire. My first guess for source of problem. Ya?


by Anonymous


Favorite Moment: doors.txt;10;15

Call 3 with the horn not working

by Anonymous

You over engineered that one! Tell him to check the fuse! :-)

another $170 vehicle !!!

by Randy Johnson

this funny segment reminded me of a car my brother once bought for $170. It was in the early '80's and he bought a 1969 Pontiac LeMans (we called it the "Lemons") from a girl that was the previous owner. My brother went and looked at the car and it seemed to be pretty good - a little banged-up but for $170 ... He asked the girl "Why are you selling it for only $170" ?? She stared blankly for a second or two and replied, "Well, I never had $170 before"!! SOLD !! He drove that car from Illinois to Colorado (where I live) then on out to California. the only real problem he ever had was with the starter - but he found that if he crawled under and banged on the shims between the starter and the engine block, it almost always started. Thanks for reminding me of this silly story

Good show, bad caller

by Anonymous

The intellectual and emotional aspects of merging? Give me a break Mr. Psuedointellectual ahole. He's a Tobacco farmer, a financial planner, not to mention a first class JERK!

Favorite Moment: Well, I'm one of those SUV-driving aholes.

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