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#0935: The Beetle in Winter

Original Air Date: 08.29.2009

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This week on Car Talk, Nancy in DC seems ready to consummate her long-standing crush on a Beetle convertible. She's also preparing to move to New Hampshire, and is worried that a few feet of snow will turn her rag-top into a non-top. Meanwhile, in Montauk, New York, Nick has been promised a shiny new BMW by his wife--as soon as his '95 Jeep takes its last breath. The Jeep is running well, so Nick's looking for subtle ways he can nudge it towards the crusher. Also, an Aerostar imitates Chewbacca, a Lincoln channels Niagara Falls, and Tommy takes on the role of "Henny Magliozzi". All this, plus another tale of a misdirected birthday cake and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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No puzzler-- the puzzler continues his summer vacation.

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Things you could only learn from the movies.

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"Get Me Home, Country Road"

by Anonymous

Does anyone know where I could buy a copy of the "Get Me Home, Country Roads" song by Jacob Grace that was played on the show this week?

Snow and Super Beetle

by Anonymous

I own a 2000 Super Beetle and drive in Denver Colorado and find my bug goes very well in snow except the time we got 36 inches and nothing drove well.

A "Grammy and the Cake" story - from Ireland

Cakes on birthdays?  The Irish think of everything!

Things we've learned from the movie industry

What a weird world it must have been before movies.

Painful puns (though blissfully short)

Listener Andy Bell is to blame for these!

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